Blog How much does it cost to have someone clean an oven?

How much does it cost to have someone clean an oven?

How much does it cost to have someone clean an oven?

Average cost of Oven Cleaning

Average cost (per hour) $80
Minimum cost (per hour) $65
Maximum cost (per hour) $150

Do Merry Maids clean ovens?

We’ll clean every inch of your oven, inside and out. Our professionals will: Remove the racks and clean them individually. Clean and rinse the interior, including the inside of the door.

Can you pay someone to clean your oven?

Hiring a professional oven cleaning service means you don’t have to worry about handling harsh chemicals. A professional will ensure your oven is cleaned thoroughly with minimal risk of damage, and (best of all) it means you don’t have to spend hours up to your elbows in grease.

How long does it take to professionally clean an oven?

about two hours
So how long does it take the professionals to clean an oven? The time it takes our specialists to finish an oven cleaning job varies, but about two hours is average. Naturally, the bigger or dirtier the oven, the longer a job may take, but most standard cleans will be complete within two hours.

How much should I charge to clean appliances?

Specialty services house cleaning pricing guide You can usually charge $10–35 per appliance, but you could quote up to $100 for a larger job like a fridge cleaning if it’s in really bad shape. If you offer window cleaning, it’s common to charge $2–6 per pane based on size, time, and effort.

Do house cleaners clean the oven?

Typically, housekeepers clean the outsides of ovens but they don’t clean the inside. Cleaning the inside is a pretty difficult task. If they do clean it, or if they clean it for a fee, you can save some money by doing a pre-clean yourself.

How do professionals clean stoves?

For cleaning a gas stove top, our maid service professionals suggest:

  1. Disassemble each burner for your stove top, removing the burner ring and the burner itself.
  2. Wash both burner rings and burners in warm, soapy water.
  3. Apply your product of choice to any burnt-on grease/gunk.

How often should you have your oven cleaned?

every 3 months
“The inside of the oven should be cleaned every 3 months, or when you notice burnt on food or smoke when you are baking,” says Maker. “Most ovens are self-cleaning, just make sure you remove the racks and clean those separately and follow the manufacturer’s directions for best cleaning practices.”