Blog How much HP does a Honda VTX 1800 have?

How much HP does a Honda VTX 1800 have?

How much HP does a Honda VTX 1800 have?

The biggest, baddest cruiser Honda has ever produced, the VTX is powered by a 1795cc V-twin with 106 horsepower and 120 pounds-feet of torque.

How many miles does a Honda VTX last?

A buddy of mine spoke with one of the Honda engineers that designed the motor. They are supposed to go 125K with only minor adjustment. OTOH, the Wing was designed to do 250K. IMO, most hi-mileage bikes are freeway miles and probably not any harder than the lo-mileage ones used to run around the city.

How fast is a Honda VTX 1300?

Per Honda, the top speed of the 1300 is 113 mph, based on max RPM and gear ratio in 5th.

Are there sport seats on the Honda VTX 1800?

When the VTX 1800 was introduced, it was breathtaking. However, the factory seat needed re-thinking. As with other sport seats, the shape is poor, not allowing the driver’s backside into the largest part of the seat. The rider has to push rearward to get to the wide part.

How big is the Ultimate Big Boy Honda VTX 1800 C?

The Honda® VTX 1800 C BIG BOY is designed to sit you in the seat, not on it. The BIG BOY seat is 18 inches wide. Ultimate BIG BOY VTX seats install exactly like stock VTX seats, using the stock VTX seat bolts. Your stock passenger seat will not fit with the Ultimate Rider Seat and your stock rider seat will not fit with the Ultimate Passenger Seat.

Is the backrest on a Honda VTX 1800 adjustable?

All VTX 1800 models offer an optional driver’s backrest that is removable and adjustable. Velour cloth tops are available in a wide choice of colors at no extra change. The saddle comes with or without a removable and fully-adjustable driver’s backrest and is available with an optional velour cloth top to control heat and perspiration.

Can a vinyl seat be used on a Honda VTX?

A vinyl seat will let water in through the stitching. A rain cover can be used to prevent water from seeping through the stitches into the comfort foam of your seats.