Helpful tips How much is 1847 Rogers Bros silverware worth?

How much is 1847 Rogers Bros silverware worth?

How much is 1847 Rogers Bros silverware worth?

The prices on eBay we found for “Eternally Yours Rogers Brothers Silverware” range from $235 -$295. But also keep in mind that these are large 52 piece to 72 piece sets in good condition, and some of them in their original boxes which makes a difference in their resale value.

Is Rogers Brothers 1847?

“1847 Rogers Bros” was actually a trademark used starting in 1862. There were many Rogers names used during the time period in the silver making as well. Many independent silversmiths joined together with that shop to form International Silver Co that became the world’s largest manufacturer of silverware.

Is WM Rogers and son real silver?

Rogers sterling (often marked Wm Rogers – and also indicated ‘Sterling’) is actually pure silver. Be wary of items marked as Stainless, Triple Plate, IS, Silver, EPNS, and the like. These indicate that your items are made from stainless steel, electroplated, or are simply silver plated.

Do pawn shops take silver plated items?

Pawn shop. Pawnshops are a great option if you’re looking for quick money for your silver-plated items.

Is 1847 Rogers Bros is silverware silver or plated?

All 1847 Rogers Bros is silver plate. The 1847 in the name does not mean it was made in that year. The name is a marketing brand for Rogers and International Silver (IS), Rogers’ parent company.

What is the is stand for on 1847 Rogers Bros flatware?

The first thing we tell people about 1847 Rogers Brothers Silver is that the 1847 is NOT the manufacturer date. This is the founding date of Rogers Brothers that they include in the hallmark of all their silverware. The “IS” stands for International Silver who has owned Rogers since 1898.

What is 1847 Rogers Bros spoon worth?

1847 Rogers Bros. is the name of a company which was owned by International Silver (IS). Spoons could be worth nothing (if badly damaged) to hundreds of dollars per piece, depending on the pattern; but typical in excellent condition they sell for a few dollar per piece.

What is Rogers Bros 1847 is?

All 1847 Rogers Bros is silver plate . The brand was first used in 1922, the Jubilee year for Rogers development of the process for electroplating silver onto base metal flatware and hollow ware in 1847. For all American made silverware after 1890, if it’s not marked Sterling then it is silver plate.