Other How much weight can a John Deere 4066r lift?

How much weight can a John Deere 4066r lift?

How much weight can a John Deere 4066r lift?

John Deere 4066R Attachments

John Deere H180 Loader
Loader weight: 1100 lbs 498 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 2779 lbs 1260 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm): 2642 lbs 1198 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at pin): 2213 lbs 1003 kg

Where is John Deere 4066r made?

John Deere 4066R

Manufacturer: John Deere
Type: Compact Utility tractor
Factory: Augusta, Georgia, USA

How tall is a John Deere 4066r with cab?

John Deere 4066R Dimensions

Wheelbase: 73 inches 185 cm
Height (ROPS): 100.2 inches 254 cm
Height (cab): 97.4 inches 247 cm
4WD ROPS Weight: 3770 lbs 1710 kg

What is the biggest tractor with hydrostatic transmission?

MX5800 diesel utility tractor
“Available this month at dealerships nationwide, Kubota’s MX5800 diesel utility tractor is the largest crossover hydrostatic tractor on the market, with one of the smoothest running 4-cylinder diesel engines in the industry,” said Paul Williams, senior product manager for Kubota.

How tall is a 4066r?

Manufacturer John Deere
Product Weight 4675 lbs
Length, Overall 128.2″
Width, Overall 89.1″ Max
Height, Overall 97.2″

What does DTAC stand for John Deere?

Disaster Technical Assistance Center (US SAMHSA)

What is Open operator station?

Open-operator-station (OOS) platform. Open-operator-station (OOS) platform. 6D Series operator platform. Cab and open-station platforms provide additional room and visibility for the operator. These functions allow row-crop and loader applications easier for improved efficiency.