Blog How to get to Aktun Chen?

How to get to Aktun Chen?

How to get to Aktun Chen?

Aktun Chen is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, only 10 miles (16 kms) north of Tulum, only 2.5 miles (4 km) south of Akumal and 66 miles (106 km) south of the Cancun International Airport. It will take you just 25 minutes to get there from Playa del Carmen and 15 minutes from Tulum.

How much is aktun Chen?

Aktun Chen Expedition (admission only)

Adults: $110.00 usd $69.00 usd
Children: $88.00 usd $39.00 usd
You save: 37%!

How much does the Gran Cenote cost?

The Gran Cenote entrance fee is MX$180 (or $10, they accept dollars) and renting snorkeling kit costs MX$80, the locker is MX$30, and a life jacket is MX$50. Gran Cenote Opening hours? 8 am to 4.45 pm (the final entry is at 4.15 pm).

Can you swim in Gran Cenote?

Gran Cenote is also incredible for snorkeling. It is relatively easy to swim and snorkel into the caves for a spectacular view of the light beams hitting the water through the cave opening and to check out the rock formations. Divers can explore the rock formations through a series of white walled caves.

Are cenotes closed?

The Cenotes are still sacred to the Mayan people today, meaning most cenotes are closed off from public use. The amazing cenotes in Mexico are extremely unique in the world and are only found on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Are cenotes in Cancun free?

Swim in a cenote for free Cenotes are unique to the area and there are some famous ones that tours go to. There is no need to pay to visit this one though. At the north end of Playa Del Carmen you can find a cenote where the fresh water bubbles up and runs into the ocean.

How big is the cave in Aktun Chen?

Venture into the depth of an age-old cave full of astounding formations and walk in the tracks of the Ancient Mayas whose shadows still lurk here! The cave extends for over 700 yards ending with a spectacular cenote, the jewel of our park.

How to get to Aktun Chen Eco Park?

The best options if you do not have a rental car is to either hire a taxi or colectivo. If you are coming in colectivo they will drop you on the 307 road. There is a palapa with a big sign on it that reads “SHUTTLE TO RECEPTION”. The park provides complementary transportation service to the entrance from here.

Which is the best thing to do in Akumal?

Alfredo was an excellent and hilarious guide through the caves and made sure we had the best experience. He was knowledgeable about the history of the cenote and had us laughing the whole time. Swimming in the cenote was our favourite thing we did in Akumal. We can not recommend the whole experience enough.

What to do in Aktun Chen in Mexico?

Mexico is known for its incredible nature and Aktun-Chen will show it to you in full splendor. Here, in this virgin lushness, you can feel the wild pulse of the jungle beating in every leaf. Take one of our picturesque hiking trails and enjoy sightings of exotic flowers and rare animals that roam unhindered all over the forest.