Other Is C60 fullerene safe?

Is C60 fullerene safe?

Is C60 fullerene safe?

In contrast to chemically–either covalently or noncovalently–modified fullerenes, some C60 derivatives can be highly toxic. Furthermore, under light exposure, C60 is an efficient singlet oxygen sensitizer.

Does carbon C60 really work?

Carbon 60 was first used in nanotechnology and electronics. Recently there is interest in using carbon 60 in medicine. Carbon 60 has been used for acne, aging skin, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support any use.

What are the benefits of taking C60?

“C60 also helps balance hormones and may increase testosterone in men and estrogen in women by stimulating the production of pregnenolone, the precursor molecule to all hormones,” says Swartz. “Many users report an increase in energy, mental clarity and libido when taking C60.”

How much C60 should I take daily?

Daily dosage @1-tablespoon 2x per day over past 10 days (finished first bottle today)… am eating half an apple with each dose to provide hydrogen for c60 to utilize as recommended by Cliff High.

Is C60 anti inflammatory?

The anti-inflammatory properties of non-modified fullerene C60 (FC60) by adjuvant arthritis in Wistar rats have been studied. It was shown that the intraperitoneal introduction of FC60 (50 ng) reveals an anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective actions in the phase of systemic manifestation of adjuvant arthritis.

Can you overdose on C60?

Utilizing these water-soluble C60 fullerene suspensions, several studies have reported that exposure to C60 fullerenes causes toxicity in various organisms.

How long does it take C60 to work?

How long does Carbon 60 (C60) take to work? Of course each person is different and the time to observe the first effects are very variable. As a rule we can observe: On muscles and recovery after physical exertion, it takes a week to see results.

What time of day should you take C60?

Even when you are fasting, the most appropriate moment to take the C60 oil is in the morning after standing up.