Other Is Christie Blatchford ill?

Is Christie Blatchford ill?

Is Christie Blatchford ill?

Christie Blatchford, a powerful public voice through nearly five decades of journalism, has died after being diagnosed with cancer in November.

Does Christie Blatchford have cancer?

Well-known national newspaper columnist Christie Blatchford, who worked for the National Post, Globe and Mail and both the Toronto Sun and Star, has died at age 68, according to the National Post. She was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer in the fall of 2019.

Was Christie Blanchard married?

Christie Marie Blatchford (May 20, 1951 – February 12, 2020) was a Canadian newspaper columnist, journalist and broadcaster….

Christie Blatchford
Years active 1972-2019
Notable credit(s) Toronto Sun, National Post, The Globe and Mail
Spouse(s) Jim Oreto ​ ​ ( m. 1977; div. 1981)​ ; David Rutherford (div.)

What is Margaret Wente doing now?

Margaret Wente is a former editor and columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper. Now happily retired, she lives in Toronto.

How old was Christie Blatchford when she died?

68 years (1951–2020)
Christie Blatchford/Age at death

Where is Christie Blatchford now?

Los Angeles
He has won numerous commendations and awards for his reports, including nine Emmy Awards and a Peabody for his investigation into Italian Mafia infiltration of MCA/Universal’s music and home video divisions. He lives in Los Angeles.

Is Christie Blatchford dead?

Deceased (1951–2020)
Christie Blatchford/Living or Deceased

How much is the Globe and Mail at the store?

While the introductory price for the Globe and Mail is only $1.99 per week for 24 weeks, the regular subscription price is a bit of a jump up from that at $6.99 per week.

How old is Margaret Wente?

71 years (February 15, 1950)
Margaret Wente/Age

Does Bell own The Globe and Mail?

In 2001 The Globe and Mail was folded into Bell Globemedia Publishing Inc., owned by Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE). Woodbridge acquired the remaining 15 percent of The Globe and Mail in 2015.

Can you get The Globe and Mail delivered?

Globe Delivery during COVID-19 The Globe and Mail is taking every precaution in producing and delivering the newspaper safely during the pandemic. You can also access Globe2Go for your digital newspaper replica and visit for up-to-the-minute COVID-19 coverage and more.

Is The Globe and Mail respected?

The Globe and Mail, daily newspaper published in Toronto, the most prestigious and influential news journal in Canada.

Where does Rachel Brady work for The Globe and Mail?

Based in Toronto, Rachel Brady writes on a number of sports for The Globe and Mail, including basketball, football, tennis, golf, women’s hockey and the Olympics.

Who are some famous women journalists in Canada?

Gaëtane de Montreuil – early Canadian woman journalist. Tracy Moore – host of Cityline, former reporter for Citytv Toronto’s Breakfast Television and City News Toronto. Keith Morrison – Dateline NBC reporter, former Canada AM host. Jennifer Mossop – former CHCH Hamilton news anchor, former Ontario Liberal MPP.

Who are the journalists of The Globe and Mail?

Globe journalists are dedicated to reporting and analyzing the news to the highest standards of truth and accuracy for our readers. This is outlined in our Editorial Code of Conduct. Learn more about Globe and Mail authors: To share information with our authors more securely, please visit our SecureDrop info page

Who are The Globe and Mail Western arts correspondents?

Marsha Lederman is the Western Arts Correspondent for The Globe and Mail, based in Vancouver. She covers the film and television industry, visual art, literature, music, theatre, dance, cultural policy, and other related areas. Roy MacGregor was born in the small village of Whitney, Ont., in 1948.