Blog Is indubitable an adjective?

Is indubitable an adjective?

Is indubitable an adjective?

indubitable used as an adjective: clearly true; providing no possibility of doubt. “The indubitable effect of the potion convinced many unbelievers.”

How do you use the word induced?

Her illness was induced by overwork. 8. She had to be induced because the baby was four weeks late.

Is induced labor more painful than natural?

An induced labour can be more painful than a natural labour. In natural labour, the contractions build up slowly, but in induced labour they can start more quickly and be stronger. Because the labour can be more painful, you are more likely to want some type of pain relief.

Is Indubiously a word?

from The Century Dictionary. Without doubt; undoubtedly.

What does unquestionable truth mean?

If you describe something as unquestionable, you are emphasizing that it is so obviously true or real that nobody can doubt it. adj.

Which is the best definition of indubitability?

This satisfied the witnesses of the defendants’ guilt, and they now state the circumstances as being indubitable proof. When the thing happened it appeared to be a flagrant and indubitable case of treachery; everyone was speaking of it.

Where does the word indubitable come from in English?

There’s no reason to question the fairly straightforward etymology of indubitable – a word that has remained true to its Latin roots. It arrived in Middle English in the 15th century from Latin indubitabilis, itself a combination of “in-” (“not”) and “dubitabilis” (“open to doubt or question”).

Which is an indubitable fact about the world?

Impossible to doubt; unquestionable. ‘The story has many variants, but all of them reflect an indubitable truth – China-made toys are taking a great market share in global markets.’ ‘This fact about induction, we are told, is the difficulty that makes science fall short of telling us indubitable truths about the world.’

What is the strength of the book indubitable?

The indubitable strength of this book is the precise and critical discussion of crucial issues and a multitude of examples drawn from a variety of languages. Hearing, whether imagined or real, presents us with indubitable evidence or data.