Blog Is INSEAD EMBA worth it?

Is INSEAD EMBA worth it?

Is INSEAD EMBA worth it?

In terms of absolute value, the INSEAD MBA provides the best rate of returns with the highest average annual salary for its graduates three years after graduation. But, you can expect to see a return of 1.75 times your total tuition cost which is the lowest in the list.

How much does INSEAD EMBA cost?

The tuition fee does not include transport, accommodation and all other dinners. The estimated budget for INSEAD GEMBA Middle East programme associated expenses is US$23,000….GEMBA Middle East Fees.

Amount Due date
First instalment US$21,000 Within one month of admission
Second instalment US$114,000 23 September 2021

How do I get into EMBA INSEAD?


  1. Select INSEAD EMBA Assessment, EA or GMAT.
  2. Profile Information.
  3. Job Description and Motivational Essays.
  4. Letters of Recommendation.
  5. Official Academic Transcripts.
  6. English Language Certification.
  7. CV.
  8. Photograph.

Is INSEAD Executive MBA full time?

Full-time INSEAD faculty constitutes the majority of the GEMBA teaching team. Some faculty are engaged in teaching within the full-time MBA programme as well, and most of them have substantial experience in high-level Executive Education.

Is INSEAD difficult to get into?

‘ Ranked among the best international business schools, it offers a rigorous one-year MBA program. However, to get into INSEAD, along with a good GMAT score, a robust profile can be a make-or-break parameter. It has many unique and stringent requirements for its admissions process.

Is INSEAD cheaper than Harvard?

Also, INSEAD is affordable as compare to HBS. The alumni network is also very broad and more global which means one gets the chance of worldwide employment. Harvard has a global brand name and has its value(mainly in America and China) while INSEAD has a brand name that is known very well by top global firms.

Which is the official score for INSEAD EMBA?

Please request that your official score be sent directly to INSEAD. For EA, use the INSEAD EMBA Programme upon registration, or for GMAT the following code: INSEAD, DL3-S8-14 Business Programmes, Executive MBA Programmes at the time of testing.

How is INSEAD global MBA ranked in the world?

Both the INSEAD Global EMBA (GEMBA) and the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA (TIEMBA) are ranked within the top 10 EMBA programmes in the world by the Financial Times (2017). Unlike other schools, INSEAD doesn’t have a dominant national culture. This enables us to turn diversity into a powerful learning tool.

How much does an Executive MBA at INSEAD cost?

Executive MBA (GEMBA) Fees & Cost. The estimated budget for INSEAD GEMBA Asia programme associated expenses is SG$34,000. For more details on food and accommodation cost, please contact the EMBA Financing Office: [email protected] The GEMBA Middle East tuition fees for the 2020 class intake are US$130,000 including VAT.

How long is the Gemba MBA at INSEAD?

The GEMBA offers experienced executives an intensive 14 to 17-month fast-track to the top via one of the world’s most prestigious and multicultural business schools.