Blog Is it legal to metal detect Civil War battlefields?

Is it legal to metal detect Civil War battlefields?

Is it legal to metal detect Civil War battlefields?

Keep in mind that many federally recognized Civil War battle sites prohibit metal detecting. Still, many soldiers weren’t always on protected battlefield sites like Gettysburg. There are many places where engagements took place on private property, so just be sure to ask for permission before you hunt.

What is the best metal detector for Civil War relics?

Top Deep Seeking Relic Metal Detectors:

  • Detech SSP 5100 Deep Seeking Metal Detector System.
  • Nokta Makro Invenio Pro Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System.
  • Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System.
  • Groundtech Discovery SM Smart 3D Ground Scanning Detector (Top Pick)

Can you really find stuff with a metal detector?

The two most common items found with a metal detector are coins and jewelry. Trash items like bottle caps, nails and soda cans are always an obstacle, but we’re talking about actual targets. Many metal detector hobbyists search for one specific category of treasure. The sheer amount of lost & buried jewelry to be found.

Can airport metal detectors detect gold?

Airport scanners can detect metallic and non- metallic objects on the body, including drugs and gold, hidden under the clothes and in baggage. Still, most times, they cannot detect the exact material, but provide visual cues about the material of the object, in the form of different colors.

How much is Civil War memorabilia worth?

The prices of these vintage objects at auction often reach incredible amounts: The terms of surrender, signed by Robert E. Lee, went for $537,750. Photograph album from the Civil War was auctioned for over $77,000.00. A Confederate flag was sold for over $179,000.00.

What can I do with a civil war metal detector?

Detectors and Equipment for Civil War Relic Hunting. There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing a metal detector and accessories. One of them is going with a good quality multipurpose detector, so you can hunt for relics and also use your metal detector to search for coins, jewelry, gold and other valuables.

What can you find with a metal detector?

The finds that are being made with top relic hunting metal detectors like the XP DEUS are incredible. Ronnie Hyer of Alabama located a rare silver George Washington Inaugural button with his detector. Doug Stanley of Martinsville, Indiana found a Civil War Officers Buckle with his metal detector. Caught the relic hunting bug?

How long have I been detecting Civil War relics?

I’ve detected for over 30 years, but only started detecting Civil War relics over the last couple of years. As a result, I’ve learned the valuable lesson to never throw anything away if you are are not sure what it is.

Why are relic hunters interested in the Civil War?

It’s no wonder that metal detecting hobbyists and Civil War enthusiasts are drawn to the art of unearthing mementos from 1861-1865. Many relic hunters say they want to preserve American history by cleaning and displaying their finds; others donate collections to historical museums.