Blog Is law school worth it if not T14?

Is law school worth it if not T14?

Is law school worth it if not T14?

You can find success even if you don’t go to a T14 school. Instead of viewing the rank of the law school you attend as the ultimate determinant of whether you will find happiness and success as a lawyer, view it as one of several factors to consider before choosing a school.

Is NYU T14 legal?

The traditional T14 schools are as follows: Columbia Law School (#4–5) University of Chicago Law School (#4–5) New York University School of Law (#5–6) University of Pennsylvania Law School (#7–8)

How hard is it to get into a T14 law school?

In order to get into a T14, you will primarily need excellent grades and a high LSAT score. The median LSAT for a T14 is usually above 167, and the median GPA is close to 3.8 or higher.

What LSAT score do I need for T14?

The average LSAT score for law schools at the top of the rankings ranges from 167-172….Good LSAT Score at Duke, Cornell, Northwestern, and Georgetown- The Rest of the T14.

School 75th Percentile LSAT Score 25th Percentile LSAT Score
Duke 170 166
Cornell 168 163
Northwestern 170 163
Georgetown 168 161

Do grades in law school matter?

At the partner level, grades have almost no importance. By far, grades are most important for law students. As law school grades are the only measure of what you have done relating to the legal field before you enter a firm, there really is no other way for a firm to judge your abilities at this level.

Is Berkeley law a T14?

The schools that most frequently hold the top 14 positions in the annual U.S. News & World Report ranking of American law schools– known, unofficially, as the “Top 14”, or “T14” –are: University of California, Berkeley School of Law. University of Chicago Law School.

Is UT Austin a T14 law school?

Well, if not, here you go: there are only (and will probably ever be) 14 schools that have ever been in the top 10 law schools in the country – making them the T-14. This is information that came from a former dean of admissions of an actual T-14. So, no, UT-Austin is not a new T-14!

Is a 3.3 GPA good for law school?

If you have that same 3.3 and the schools you are aiming for has an average GPA for accepted students of 3.7+, as do several medical schools, Stanford Business School, a few law schools, and other graduate programs, then you have a low GPA.