Other Is oleo-mac any good?

Is oleo-mac any good?

Is oleo-mac any good?

In the professional category, the Oleo-Mac CS650 (see below) was deemed to be the best value in the group, with power, performance, easy-starting, the right features customers look for in a contemporary saw and a price that was over a hundred Euros below some of the others.

Where are oleo-mac chainsaws made?

Oleo-Mac itself was founded in 1972 in Northern Italy’s busy and growing business sector by expert and businessman Ariello Bartoli, and started pretty quickly to produce make, good quality petrol powered chainsaws. A few years later another company was created, in the same thriving area, by Giacomo Ferretti.

Who makes Oleo Mac?

Emak is an Italian manufacturer and distributor of machines, components and accessories for gardening, agriculture, forestry and industrial applications. Emak’s brands are: Efco, Oleo-Mac, Bertolini and Nibbi.

Where are EMAK engines made?

Sites. Emak has four production plants (in Italy) and seven branches in France, UK, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, China and Brazil. These markets account for over half of the Group’s total turnover with more than 5000 dealers served directly.

Who is Oleo-Mac?

Oleo-Mac is an Italian manufacturer of quality hand held outdoor power equipment. This bright and forward thinking brand is growing in stature in NZ as customers come to appreciate the quality, reliability, heavy duty build and flair of these lean mean and orange machines.

Are Efco and Oleo Mac the same?

Efco, Olympyk, Oleo-Mac, and Emak are all the same company. Made in Itay, quite high quality.

Is Efco a good make?

Most people have probably never heard of Efco but it is a large Italian company that makes outdoor equipment among other things. These saws use their Emak brand engines which are precision made and very reliable. It is very light and balanced, you won’t find a lighter 51cc saw this light.