Popular articles Is Puerto Plata cheap?

Is Puerto Plata cheap?

Is Puerto Plata cheap?

Puerto Plata is also home to many of the cheapest Caribbean resorts, especially all-inclusive ones, so it’s one of the best places for a cheap package holiday including airfare and an all-inclusive resort hotel on the beach.

Is Rio San Juan Dominican Republic Safe?

Is it Safe to Travel to Rio San Juan? Our best data indicates this area is somewhat safe. As of Oct 07, 2019 there are travel warnings for the Dominican Republic; exercise a high degree of caution.

Does Puerto Plata have nice beaches?

If Puerto Plata province is known for any of its wonders, it’s surely the more than 78 miles of golden sand beaches and turquoise waters dotted with palm trees—it’s an exotic paradise. These are the best beaches in and around Puerto Plata.

Is Punta Cana nicer than Puerto Plata?

Punta Cana vs Puerto Plata: Which is the better holiday choice? Both of these destinations are worth visiting, but if your priority is beaches then Punta Cana is the better choice. The white sand beaches in Punta Cana are better than Puerto Plata, plus the water is calmer, more clear, and better for swimming.

Can you drink the water in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic?

According the Dominican Republic tourism website, it is not safe to drink the tap water in the DR, as it is not purified. Always drink bottled water, available at your resort or in local stores and supermarkets.

How did Bahia Principe in Puerto Plata get its name?

Puerto Plata received its name for the way the sun reflects off of the sea with a shimmering silver color. Bahia Principe has 1 special and all-inclusive location in Puerto Plata: Gran Bahia Principe San Juan, which have been the start point of All Bahia Principe.

Is there a grand Bahia Principe in San Juan?

Hello Jinnette, Thank you so much for sharing your experience during your last holidays in Grand Bahia Principe San Juan. We are so glad to read that could relax and enjoy our facilities and beautiful beach. Again, thank you so much for your time.

Are there any pushy vendors at Bahia Principe?

(They have “wave breakers” so there aren’t any waves) •no pushy vendors Cons: •The wifi is really bad! Very slow and there’s only free wifi in the lobby •there needs to be no smoking areas Overall: The hotel was nice and clean. Check in took a little while because they require to see your passport etc.

How much does a jetski cost in Bahia Principe?

Were talking 50-100 dollars for 10 minutes on a jetski. On the day we were suppose to go home, somebody (most likely a staff member on the hotel) stole my passport.