Popular articles Is SRAM X5 any good?

Is SRAM X5 any good?

Is SRAM X5 any good?

Overall, the X5 group presented an excellent entry-level performance in its first outing. Had the 2×10 group been used in our sub-$1,000 bike test it would have likely been a favorite performance among both the drive train and braking options.

How do you release a SRAM cage lock?

Here’s the mech in its normal state. To engage the Cage Lock dimly push the cage forwards whilst pressing that little button with the lock symbol on it. Once the button clicks the cage is held in this position. To return to the normal position push the cage forwards, press the button and let go of the cage.

What is the order of SRAM components?

SRAM groupset hierarchy:

  • Apex: 10-speed.
  • Apex 1: 11-speed.
  • Rival: 11-speed.
  • Rival eTap AXS: 12-speed wireless electronic.
  • Force: 11-speed.
  • Force eTap AXS: 12-speed wireless electronic.
  • RED: 11-speed.
  • RED eTap: 11-speed.

How much does SRAM X5 mountain bike cost?

SRAM’s entry level X5 group, which will appear on bikes selling in the US for just under $1,200 to roughly $1,500, now has the look and feel of SRAM’s entire mountain component line. The group aligns with the rest of SRAM’s 10-speed line and offers two 2×10-gearing options, as well as a single triple ring option.

Is the SRAM X5 a double crankset bike?

This double crankset has been made for SRAM’s new 2×10 X5 drivetrain, which will be making its presence felt on mid-range bikes soon, but you can opt to run a nine-speed chain on it too.

What kind of transmission does SRAM X5 have?

We set out from the Dirt Demo at Interbike late Tuesday afternoon on Cannondale’s Trail SL2 29er with a modified spec made up of an entire X5 transmission, Avid Elixir 1 brakes and Truvativ’s base level cockpit components.

What’s the difference between the SRAM X5 and X9?

My new X9 shifts a lot smoother than my X5 ever did. The jockey wheels also don’t make a clattering sound like they did on the X5. Could just be anecdotal evidence though.