Helpful tips Is Tamasha worth watching?

Is Tamasha worth watching?

Is Tamasha worth watching?

#Tamasha is not mainstream and that makes it worth watching. #Tamasha is the most soul stirring, honest and introspective journey I’ve been on in a cinema off late. Take a bow Imtiaz Ali.

Is Tamasha based on a true story?

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali says there might be a few moments from his life in his forthcoming film “Tamasha”, but it’s not an autobiographical. Talking about the story of the film, Ali said: “’Tamasha’ has that kind of love which makes a normal person extraordinary, which makes a commoner an artist.

What kind of movie is Tamasha?


What happens in the end of Tamasha movie?

When she realizes she is falling in love with Ved, Tara decides to leave Corsica despite the romantic friendship with him. The story flashes back to young Ved who questions the story-teller about the reason for happy times ending quickly and notices each story has a sad the episode in it.

What happened in the end of Tamasha?

What illness does Ranbir Kapoor have in Tamasha?

Due to his borderline personality disorder, Ved ends up upsetting his boss with nonsensical presentations and random behavior display in business meetings.

Which is better Ranbir or Deepika in Tamasha?

Watch Tamasha movie review | Ranbir outshines Deepika in this one-time watch In the film, the characters keep asking time and again if their story is any different from the ones we keep hearing and if it is good enough – as if seeking the audience’s approval – and that gets irritating after a point.

Which is the best movie of Tamasha 2015?

Tamasha is a visual treat, a movie with a PURE soul attached to it. There was a constant smile stuck on my face throughout its 139 min of runtime. Ranbir Kapoor’s performance literally gave me awe-bumps (you know like goosebumps). Dayum, he’s an excellent actor cum artist.

Who is the protagonist in the movie Tamasha?

Deepika Padukone-Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Tamasha, that released on Friday, is Imtiaz Ali’s most complex and intriguing journey till date. Almost all of us have been brought up with such robotic mannerisms that we tend to forget our real selves – much like the protagonist Ved.

How did Tara and Ved meet in Tamasha?

When Tara tracks Ved and meets him in Delhi, she finds a different man – a product manager who has been saving his job solely through his ‘well-mannered’ behaviour and the tendency to be a yes-man of his boss. With a broken heart, she decides to leave Ved alone and move on, but you cannot move on from love, from your own heart.