Blog Is the Armalite M15 any good?

Is the Armalite M15 any good?

Is the Armalite M15 any good?

Armalite’s M15TAC16 is a good multi-purpose firearm. While the basic nature of this carbine is tactical, hence the “TAC” in the gun’s moniker, it is also well suited for competitions such as 3-gun thanks to features including an adjustable gas block and effective flash-hiding compensator.

Is Armalite M15 mil spec?

The Defensive Sporting Rifle is a high-quality, no-frills rifle well suited for duty, sport, or defense. It weighs in at 6.1lbs, has a forged, flat-top receiver with MIL-STD 1913 rail and features a gas block with a MIL-STD 1913 rail to easily attach accessories.

How much is a Armalite M15?

Your Price: $1,014.00 EA.

What is an Armalite M15?

Description. The Armalite® M-15™ Light Tactical Carbine provides shooters with a reliable semi-auto rifle in a streamline, affordable package. The M-15 comes with a 10″ free-floating tactical Key-Mod handguard, machined from solid aluminum in Armalite’s factory.

What is an Armalite rifle used for?

Designed by American gun manufacturer ArmaLite in 1956, it was based on its AR-10 rifle. The ArmaLite AR-15 was designed to be a lightweight rifle and to fire a new high-velocity, lightweight, small-caliber cartridge to allow infantrymen to carry more ammunition….

ArmaLite AR-15
Sights Iron sights

Who owns Armalite now?

Strategic Armory Corps, LLC
ArmaLite, Inc./Parent organizations

What’s the difference between an AR-15 and an M15?

Colt followed suit, and named their weapon the “M-15.” But, in all reality, it was just the same AR-15 with a different label carved in the aluminum. So, the short of it is this: An M-15 IS an AR-15. In fact, it’s the version most closely designed after the original namesake.

How long is an M15 rifle?

Colt AR-15
Variants see List of Colt AR-15 & M16 rifle variants
Barrel length 20 inches (510 mm) (standard) 16 inches (410 mm) (carbine) 24 inches (610 mm) (target)
Cartridge .223 Remington 5.56×45mm NATO

Has an AR-15 ever been used in war?

The ArmaLite AR-15 is a select-fire, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle manufactured in the United States between 1959 and 1964, and adopted by the United States Armed Forces as the M16 rifle….

ArmaLite AR-15
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1959–1990s
Wars Vietnam War