Popular articles Is the capital of Penang a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Is the capital of Penang a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Is the capital of Penang a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

With its colonial past, it’s hardly surprising that Penang features more than a few tourist-worthy attractions. Listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2008, the capital – Georgetown – is the embodiment of Penang, so much so that the two names are almost interchangeable.

How long is the Penang Heritage Trail George Town?

In this Penang Heritage Trail I have tried to cover most of the main attractions in the historic heart of George Town. The line on the map roughly retraces the route I took with my family on our recent (December 2011) trip to Penang. It took us two days to complete the trail and even then I felt it was rushed.

How does Penang Heritage Trust ( PHT ) work?

It is wholly dependent on membership subscriptions, donations, and grants to continue its work in promoting the conservation of Penang’s heritage, and working to save the island’s many historical buildings. In addition, PHT organises cultural, educational, and public awareness programmes for its members and the public.

What is the history of George Town Penang?

The story of Penang belongs, in terms of history, to the British. In terms of the culture, though, the story really belongs to all the people from different parts of the world who came and made the island their home. It doesn’t take long upon my arrival to realise that Penang’s main city, George Town, is truly a melting pot of ethnic influences.

Where is the capital of Penang in Malaysia?

Georgetown, Penang’s capital on the north-eastern corner of the island, is dotted with idiosyncratic Chinese shop lots, narrow roads, old-fashioned colonial-era mansions, clan houses, numerous schools, ornate temples and Little India districts.

Which is the oldest Hindu temple in Penang?

Sri Mariamman Temple – The oldest Hindu temple in Penang, the colourful Sri Mariamman Temple features distinctive South Indian Dravidian architecture and is filled with intricate carvings and sculptures of Hindu deities. Its main focal point is an opulent statue of Lord Subramaniam decorated in gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds.