Other Is there a Koreatown in Massachusetts?

Is there a Koreatown in Massachusetts?

Is there a Koreatown in Massachusetts?

Boston doesn’t have a Koreatown in the same way that Los Angeles and New York City have Koreatowns, but it’s got Allston, and that’s a very good thing. Harvard and Brighton avenues are lined with great Korean restaurant after great Korean restaurant.

Does Boston have good Korean food?

Kaju Tofu House has been a Boston staple and Best of Boston Korean restaurant winner for multiple consecutive years. Its signature sundudbu jjigae (spicy soft tofu soup) arrives bubbling hot in a traditional stone bowl, adding spectacle to what was already a phenomenal dish.

Are there a lot of Koreans in Boston?

The Boston metropolitan area has an active Korean American community. The largest groups of Koreans in Massachusetts in 2000 were in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, and Somerville.

What is a Korean restaurant called?

Korean BBQ, known locally as gogi-gui (고기구이), refers to the Korean cuisine method of grilling meat such as beef, chicken or pork on gas or charcoal grills inlaid into the dining table itself.

Is there a Japan town in Boston?

University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (Porter Square, Red Line) This is Boston’s “Japan Town,” a collection of small restaurants and the Japanese bakery, all with very good Japanese food, including ramen, curries, and sake.

How many Koreans live in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts had the 14th largest Korean American population in the nation in 2000. Since then the Korean American population in Massachusetts has increased by 20.8% to approximately 20,985 (ACS 2005–2007).

Is Korean BBQ sauce the same as bulgogi?

Bulgogi (pronounced “Bull-Go-Gi”) sauce is a meat marinade for Korean barbecue. Marzetti’s signature Bulgogi Sauce has a glaze-like texture and a savory profile of soy and spicy chili.

Is Porter Square in Cambridge or Somerville?

Porter Square is a neighborhood in Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts in the USA, located around the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Somerville Avenue, between Harvard and Davis Squares. The Porter Square station serves both the MBTA Red Line and the Commuter Rail Fitchburg Line.

What stores are in Porter Square?

Porter Square’s tenants include Star Market, Tag’s Ace Hardware Store, Michaels, CVS, HealthWorks, Henry Bear’s Park, Gentle Dental, Cambridge Naturals, Porter Square Books, Café Zing, Liquor World, Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera Bread, Mudflat Gallery, Sign of the Dove Gallery, Halal Guys, Soup Shack, and Cambridge Savings …

Where are the best Korean restaurants in Boston?

The Best 10 Korean Restaurants in Boston, MA. 1 1. Seoul Jangteo. 56 Korean, Chinese, Noodles (617) 254-2775 151 Brighton Ave Allston/Brighton Indoor dining Delivery Takeout. 2 2. Seoul Soulongtang. 3 3. SOJUba. 4 4. Coreanos Allston. 5 5. BAB Korean Bistro.

Is it healthy to eat Korean food in Westborough?

We are literally East Asia, but healthier. We’re healthier because our speciality in the most authentic Korean cuisine in Westborough means that your meals come with low-calorie, nutrient-packed side dishes, vegetables, and soups.

What foods are served at gohyang Korean restaurant?

S3. Dwenjang Jjigae Traditional Korean soy bean stew w. tofu, onion, zucchini, mushroom, pepper and potato. Vegetarian available. S4. Kal Bi Tang Tender short ribs w. sliced radish in homemade beef broth.

What kind of food do they serve in Korea?

Edamame Lightly salted steamed soy bean. Vegetarian available. A2. Fried Dumpling or Steam A3. Shumai (Shrimp) A4. Gohyang Combo / 고향콤보세트 A5. Squid Tempura /오징어 튀김 A6. Shrimp Tempura A7. Vegetable Tempura Vegetarian available. A8. Tteok Bokki Spicy rice cake. Vegetarian available. Add Ramen noodles or gimmari $2.00 A9. Kimchi Pajeon Kimchi pancake.