Helpful tips Is vengeful spirit support?

Is vengeful spirit support?

Is vengeful spirit support?

Support. Vengeful Spirit is often picked as a Support with her main purpose is to help her allies secure kills easily with her wide array of powerful spells.

How powerful is the vengeful spirit?

A heavy ingot of fashioned iron, the Vengeful Spirit radiated quiet power. Even from a distance one could see hundreds of gun turrets and the slender rods of massive accelerator cannons that were twice the length of most Imperial battleships themselves.

How much damage does vengeful spirit do?

Vengeful Spirit Usage Press the FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST button to conjure a large projectile in a straight line. This penetrates through objects, walls, obstacles, shields, shells and damages enemies that come in contact with – deals 15 damage.

What is a vengeful person like?

Vengeful is used to describe someone who is determined to get revenge—retaliation against or punishment of someone for some kind of harm that they caused or wrongdoing that they did (whether real or perceived). Vengeful also means inclined to seek revenge. The adjective vindictive is a close synonym.

What happens to vengeful spirit when she dies?

Vengeful Spirit does not gain this armor. Vengeful Spirit’s presence increases the damage of nearby friendly heroes. Upon death, creates a strong illusion of Vengeful Spirit that deals and takes 100% damage and can cast all of her spells. Illusion has 25% movement speed bonus.

What does vengeful spirit’s vengeance aura do?

Motivated by her lust for revenge, Vengeance Aura boosts the damage of all nearby allies, making Vengeful Spirit an invaluable ally to teams with strong physical damage output and turning her into a potential semi-carry.

How does Shendel use vengeful spirit in Dota 2?

A simple Skywrath technique, the magic missile is Shendel’s primary tool for vengeance. The projectile travels at a speed of 1350. Magic Missile first applies the debuff, then the damage. Vengeful Spirit lets loose a wicked cry, weakening the armor of enemies and giving vision of the path ahead.

How does vengeful spirit work on wave of Terror?

With Aghanim’s Shard, Vengeful Spirit gains a buff for each enemy hit by Wave of Terror. Multiple instances of this buff fully stack. Uses the regular debuff to steal attack damage and armor from the targets. The debuff does not stack.