Blog Is White Hills AZ a good place to live?

Is White Hills AZ a good place to live?

Is White Hills AZ a good place to live?

White Hills Reviews. Upper part of White Hills is a great and affordable little desert town 1 hour away from Las Vegas. It is mainly for retirees and people on a fixed retirement income. This is very little crime, people keep to themselves but are friendly and will help others when needed.

What is the closest city to White Hills Arizona?

Nearest cities:

  • Dolan Springs, AZ (3.4 miles ),
  • Chloride, AZ (5.0 miles ),
  • Meadview, AZ (5.1 miles ),
  • Boulder City, NV (5.5 miles ),
  • Searchlight, NV (5.9 miles ),
  • So-Hi, AZ (6.0 miles ),

What county is White Hills Arizona in?

Mohave County
White Hills/Counties

What is there to do in White Hills AZ?


  • Kayak Lake Mead. Kayaking & Canoeing.
  • MachinegunnersAZ. Adrenaline & Extreme Tours.
  • Mount Tipton Wilderness Reserve. Geologic Formations, Mountains.
  • Joshua Tree Ostrich Ranch and Guest House. Ranches.
  • Willow Beach Marina. Marinas.
  • Willow Beach. Beaches.
  • OUI Experience LLC. 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours.
  • Vegas Glass Kayaks. Water Sports.

What is the zip code for White Hills AZ?

White Hills/Zip codes

What is the closest Arizona city to Henderson Nevada?

The closest town to the halfway point is Bagdad, AZ, situated 188 miles from Henderson, NV and 178 miles from Arizona City, AZ. It would take 3 hours 37 mins to go from Henderson to Bagdad and 3 hours 21 mins to go from Arizona City to Bagdad.

What does White Hills mean?

The White Hills are a range of hills in northern Mohave County, Arizona. These hills lie north of the Cerbat Mountains and extend south from the Colorado River at Lake Mead between the Detrital Valley to the west and the Gold Basin and the upper Hualapai Valley to the east.

What is the closest California city to Las Vegas?

For DMV and Smog-Check purposes, Needles is the closest CA “town” to Vegas.

How far is Henderson Arizona from Phoenix Arizona?

There are 243.51 miles from Henderson to Phoenix in southeast direction and 275 miles (442.57 kilometers) by car, following the US-93 S route. Henderson and Phoenix are 4 hours 55 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from Henderson, NV to Phoenix, AZ. The halfway point is Wikieup, AZ.

Why is it called Hills Like white elephant?

The title of “Hills Like White Elephants” uses the symbol of the sacred white elephant to refer to something which might be seen as a valuable gift or an expensive burden, like the child to which the couple in the story obliquely refer.

What is the message in Hills Like White Elephants?

Men, Women, and Relationships. At the heart of “Hills Like White Elephants” is Hemingway’s examination of the man and girl’s deeply flawed relationship, a relationship that champions “freedom” at the cost of honesty, respect, and commitment.