Blog Small Business Web Design Tips for the Mobile World

Small Business Web Design Tips for the Mobile World

Small Business Web Design Tips for the Mobile World

When it comes to web design, many businesses are known to make numerous small mistakes that can cost them their online reputation. Websites can be the hardest thing that can take to master, and there is a lot of research that goes into them. In this article, we’re going to cover small business web design tips as well as explain some of these common follies so you can hopefully afford them when you make your website.

  1. Too Much Going On

    When you’re designing a small business website, exotically original, but at the same time minimal, crisp and clean are the ways to go. Often times having too much going on means your website is cluttered with many things that take away from the content of the page itself. At the same time, having a design too complex (backgrounds and more) that take away from the page can hinder the user experience.
  2. Make Your Site Visible for Google

    Along with clean and quality content, making sure you have relevant keywords on your site, no broken links, a sitemap, and proper SEO etiquette when you start your site ensures you’ll have more visibility for it straight from the beginning and you won’t have to do as much later on.
  3. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Ready

    Mobile pages come first, so the more mobile-friendly websites and website versions come before the actual website itself. Many designs are optimized for both anymore when you get templates made, but you might notice that there are differences you don’t like on the mobile version versus the desktop version of your site.
  4. Make Sure People Can See You

    Your contact details are extremely important in any small business, so that way you can make sure people can see you. You want to make sure that you don’t just have an e-mail address, but even the physical address of your company (if it’s appropriate) in order for people to contact you. This makes it look even more legit.
  5. Proper Branding is Important

    Don’t just look on making your business website look professional. You want to go with things like your logo, and even have your logo matched or remade to the color scheme. Google looks at these things (called color tags) to ensure that data matches other data. Not only that, but it looks cleaner and customers enjoy the experience even more.
  6. Showcase Your Individual Products

    Be sure you showcase your products and services on your landing page, and you’ll have a higher chance of getting more customers in the long run. Don’t forget to make sure this list updates regularly.


This isn’t all you need to do either and you will get so much more when you get your website design with Swan Sea. You want to make sure that your content on your page loads quickly, as well as make sure your content is relevant to your business, or your website’s goal. When people come to your vacuum cleaner website, they don’t want to see a bunch of products and content about toothbrushes (Unless you’re doing random product reviews of course). Make Blog posts about what they are, avoid duplicate blogs, as well as keeping your website continuously updated are extremely important when it comes to owning a small business.