Helpful tips Website Design Trends You Should Look out for in 2019

Website Design Trends You Should Look out for in 2019

Website Design Trends You Should Look out for in 2019

Internet trends move and change at an incredible pace, especially when it comes to web design. You just need to look at a website of your own or think about your experiences online over the last few years.

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If you’re interested in website design and want to try to stay ahead of the curve, here are some of the website design trends you should look out for in 2019:

Mobile-Friendly Navigation

With mobile browsing overtaking desktop use and the trend set to increase, there is a practical need for website designs to be mobile-friendly first.

This means features like large icons that are easy to swipe, floating menus that make it easy for a mobile user to click while scrolling, and responsive designs are essential.

“Lighter” and Faster

When catering to mobiles first, not only does the design of a website has to meet the functional demands of a mobile, it also has to load fast. Mobile networks are typically not as fast as Wi-Fi or cable. Waiting for a page to load because of a high-definition image will cause visitors to bounce from your site.

Page speed is also one of the important SEO ranking factors, so there is pressure from webmasters to design a site that loads quickly. This is definitely one of the most important website design trends you will see in 2019 and beyond.

More Embedded Video Content

The combination of increased mobile use and the decrease in an internet browser’s attention span has made video content a lot more popular. From an SEO and functional perspective, it works well as the video only uses bandwidth when clicked, and it increases the time spent on the website.

Video is also the best way for companies to showcase their products and has a high engagement rate. This is backed up by social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram where video content frequently goes viral.

Minimalist Layouts

Recent years have seen previous design trends of scrolling images, carousels on the home page, and cluttered sidebars slowly phased out in favour of a more minimalist design. This is set to continue in 2019 as web designers use more white space and simplistic layouts.

A minimalistic layout makes for a cleaner user experience. It’s easier to deliver a message to the visitor, and it ties in with being a better mobile-friendly experience.

Bright Colours and Bold Text

A couple of years ago bright colours were seen as garish. This has slowly been changing, and now it’s almost a battle to see who can make the biggest impact and first impression using bright colours and large fonts on their landing page.

Expect to see the boundaries of bright colours and bold designs pushed even further in 2019 and beyond. With so many websites in every niche now, if you don’t stand out you’re easily forgotten.