Other What 2006 fantasy movie won 3 Oscars?

What 2006 fantasy movie won 3 Oscars?

What 2006 fantasy movie won 3 Oscars?

Pan’s Labyrinth earned 6 nominations and 3 Oscars (Best Art Direction/Set Decoration, Best Cinematography, Best Makeup) and Blood Diamond earned 5 nominations (with no wins) – both without a Best Picture nomination.

What was the first movie to win an Oscar?

The first official Best Picture winner was Wings, directed by William Wellman. The most expensive movie of its time, with a budget of $2 million, the movie told the story of two World War I pilots who fall for the same woman.

What movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in the year 2006?


78th Academy Awards
Best Picture Crash
Most awards Brokeback Mountain, Crash, King Kong and Memoirs of a Geisha (3)
Most nominations Brokeback Mountain (8)
TV in the United States

Who was nominated for best actor in 2006?

Actor in a Leading Role

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman. Capote.
  • Terrence Howard. Hustle & Flow.
  • Heath Ledger. Brokeback Mountain.
  • Joaquin Phoenix. Walk the Line.
  • David Strathairn. Good Night, and Good Luck.

Who was nominated for Best Actor 2006?

Who was the first person to win an Oscar for their first film?

Here are 25 people who won Oscars for their first films. The 9th Academy Awards were the first to offer the category of Best Supporting Actress, and it was the first and only time Gale Sondergaard won an Oscar. This win was especially unique, however, because Sondergaard’s role in 1936’s ” Anthony Adverse” was her first film role.

Who was the first Asian actor to win an Oscar?

The only other actor to win an Oscar for his first role was Haing S. Ngor for the 1984 film The Killing Fields about the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia. The Cambodian-American physician-turned-actor is still the only Asian actor to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Who are the winners of the Academy Awards for 2006?

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) The Queen (2006, UK/It./Fr.) Best Animated Feature Film. HAPPY FEET (2006) Cars (2006) Monster House (2006) . Actor: FOREST WHITAKER in “The Last King of Scotland,” Leonardo DiCaprio in “Blood Diamond,” Ryan Gosling in “Half Nelson,” Peter O’Toole in “Venus,” Will Smith in “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

What was the most nominated movie of the year?

Stephen Frears (his second nomination) for The Queen, a long time Oscar snub (he received only one directorial Oscar nomination for The Grifters (1990)) Three of the year’s most-nominated films were the work of Mexican directors.