Other What Archie comics are worth money?

What Archie comics are worth money?

What Archie comics are worth money?

15 Valuable Archie Comics That’ll Have You Searching Your Attic For Your Old Collection

  • Pep Comics #22 (1941) Comic Vine.
  • Jackpot Comics #4 (1942) Comic Vine.
  • Pep Comics #26 (1942) Comic Vine.
  • Pep Comics #36 (1940)
  • Archie Comics #1 (1942)
  • Early Archie issues.
  • Pep Comics #41 (1943)
  • Archie’s Girls, Betty & Veronica #1 (1950)

How do I find the value of my comics?

A more realistic test for valuing a comic book is to look for what a similar issue it has sold for in the past. Auctions, such as eBay, are a great way to see how much people are willing to pay for a comic book. As with most collectibles, there are some auction websites that are better than others.

How much is Archie’s Double Digest worth?

The cover prices for each Double Digest is between $6.99 and $7.99. Archie Comics has been around for over 75 years, and we’ve had our finger on the pulse of pop culture the entire time!

Are Archie comics still being made?

In December 2014, Archie Comics announced that its flagship series Archie would relaunch with a new first issue in July 2015. The new series would be a modern take on the Archie characters by writer Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples, featuring serialized storylines.

Are old comics worth anything?

Your old comics could be worth millions. Comics are like a fine wine — they only get better and more valuable with age. Assuming you keep your comics in near mint condition — prices for the infographic were determined assuming that comics were a 9.2 grade — that $0.10 comic book from 1938 could now be worth millions.

What are the most valuable Archie comic books?

The most valuable Archie comic book ever known to have been sold went for more than $140,000. That’s right — $140,000! Archie made his first appearance in a comic book in 1941, in the issue “Pep No. 2”; that’s the one which made the big money.

What are the most valuable Archie Comics?

15 Valuable Archie Comics That’ll Have You Searching Your Attic For Your Old Collection. 1. Pep Comics #22 (1941) Comic Vine. Record sale: $143,000. Huh? Where’s Archie? Everyone’s favorite comic book teenager debuted in a 6-page story 2. Jackpot Comics #4 (1942) 3. Pep Comics #26 (1942) 4. Pep

Who is the rich girl in Archie Comics?

Veronica Lodge has long been the rich, spoiled new girl who often toys with Archie’s affections and undermines her best friend Betty Cooper (although their friendship always endures).

Are Archie Comics valuable?

Why is the Archie Comics Valuable? Archie Comics remains a strong force in the comics industry, and the surprising thing here is it does not even need to sell sex, violence or drugs, there are no superheroes involved and still, the comics are achieving mainstream success. Archie continues to be popular in a grocery store check out lines and is

What is the oldest Archie comic?

Archie first appeared in Pep Comics No. 22 in December 1941, making the comic 78 years old . John L. Goldwater, the creator, said of Archie to the NYTimes in 1973: “He’s basically a square, but in my opinion the squares are the backbone of America,” naming him after a school classmate.