Popular articles What are some Cajun names?

What are some Cajun names?

What are some Cajun names?

Well according to the site, here are the Top 10, and how frequent you’ll come across the name:

  • Hebert – 1:236.
  • Landry – 1:246.
  • Broussard – 1:272.
  • LeBlanc -1:282.
  • Guidry – 1:320.
  • Fontenot – 1:332.
  • Boudreaux – 1:372.
  • Richard – 1:374.

What is a Cajun name?

Boudreaux – It comes from the French word for a farmer and a common last name for Cajun people. Broussard – For Joseph Broussard, an important historical figure for both the Acadians and Cajuns. Claude – For Claude Guedry who was an Acadian born in Canada and later immigrated to Louisiana.

What are some Creole names?

Common Creole Female First Names

  • A. Adélaïde | Adelaida (S) Adèle, Adelle | Adela (S)
  • B. Babet, Babette (Often interchanged with Élisabeth) Barbe | Barba (S)
  • C. Caliste, Calixte | Calista (G)
  • D. Delphine | Delfina (G)
  • E. Edmée.
  • F. Fabienne | Fabiana (R, S)
  • G. Gabrielle | Gabriela.
  • H. Hélène, Héleine | Elena (G, S)

What are some Louisiana names?

You can view the entire top 100 most common last names in Louisiana over at

  • Hebert – 20,057.
  • Landry – 18,878.
  • Broussard – 17,381.
  • LeBlanc – 16,579.
  • Guidry – 14,726.
  • Fontenot – 13,865.
  • Richard – 12,746.
  • Boudreaux – 12,693.

What are some Cajun first names?

The Most Cajun First Names In Acadiana

  • Vionette.
  • Oleus.
  • Cadianne (Cay-d-Anne)
  • Lovonia.
  • Azelina.
  • Placide.
  • Alcibeaud.
  • Zula Mae.

What is the most common Cajun surname?

Here’s what we found out. As far as last names overall in Louisiana, Smith, followed by Williams, Johnson, Jones and Brown are the five most common. It’s not until number nine on the list that a Cajun last name shows up. According to, Hebert is the most common Cajun last name in Louisiana.

Is Arceneaux a Cajun name?

In the United States, it often occurs as the ending of Cajun surnames. This is a common ending in the United States for historically Cajun surnames, such as Arceneaux, Babineaux, Boudreaux, Breaux, Busteaux, Laundreaux, Legeaux, Marceaux, Monceaux, Rabideaux, Robicheaux, Seaux, Thibodeaux, and Trabeaux.

What is the origin of Cajun?

Cajun cuisine is a form of cooking that originated in Louisiana, USA. It is a mix of French, Canadian, African and Native American influences.

What is the etymology of Cajun?

The word Cajun originates from the term les Acadians, used to describe French colonists who settled in the Acadia region of Canada, consisting of present-day New Brunswick , Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.