Blog What companies have a matching gift program?

What companies have a matching gift program?

What companies have a matching gift program?

Top Corporate Matching Gift Programs

State Street Corporation $35,000 State Street Corporation’s matching gift program
ExxonMobil $22,500 ExxonMobil’s matching gift program
CarMax $10,000 CarMax’s matching gift program
Johnson & Johnson $20,000 Johnson & Johnson’s matching gift program

How do you acknowledge matching gifts?

Should you wish to notify the donor that their employer match has been received, please do! I encourage you to be really specific. Your message should include the date, the amount of gift that was matched by the employer, as well as the total amount the donor will be recognized for and over what time frame.

What does it mean when a donation will be matched?

Donation matching is a corporate giving initiative in which an employer matches their employee’s contribution to a specific cause, increasing the gift. For example, if a Kindful employee donates $50 to a local organization, the matching gift would be Kindful’s additional donation of $50.

How does a matching gift work?

Matching gifts are a type of giving program that is set up by companies and corporations as an employee benefit. After an employee donates to a nonprofit, they can submit a matching gift request to their employer and the company will make an additional donation to that nonprofit.

How does a matching grant work?

The concept of a matching grant is simple; state or local governments designate funds to go to particular types of projects. If accepted, the local government will match the community contribution to the project, generally at a 1:1 or 2:1 match, but it could be set up for any level of match.

What is the purpose of matching grants?

The purpose of a matching grant requirement is to challenge an organization to increase its revenue and/or contributions and to encourage a nonprofit to diversify/broaden its base of support. For those of you new to grant writing, guidelines vary from donor-to-donor and agency-to-agency.

How do I get my donations matched?

Requesting a matching gift is normally a five-minute process which must be initiated by the donor. You can do this by filling out and submitting a paper match form provided by your employer or through an electronic submission process.

Is there any downside to using Amazon smile?

The obvious downside of AmazonSmile is that 0.5% of your purchase most likely won’t amount to a substantial donation. In order to contribute just $25 to your favorite charity, for instance, you’d have to spend $5,000 on Amazon. So if you’re looking to make a big impact, using Smile probably isn’t your best bet.

How much can I donate to the Aetna Foundation?

Looking for information on Aetna? Matching gift eligible? No Corporate contact name Aetna Foundation Maximum amount matched $5,000 Match ratio .63:1 Volunteer grants offered? Yes

When to submit matching gift requests for Aetna?

Employees / donors previously registered their matching gift requests electronically at Employees were encouraged to submit the matching gift request as soon as possible but had until December 31st to submit their matching gift requests.

What is the mission of the Aetna Foundation?

Our mission is to promote wellness, health, and access to high-quality health care for everyone, while supporting the communities we serve. We made history in 1972, when the Aetna Foundation became the nation’s first corporate foundation dedicated to community involvement.

Why do nonprofits miss out on matching gifts?

Many nonprofits miss out on revenue simply because donors are unaware of their employers’ matching gift programs. Increase your revenue by reminding your donors of matching gift programs and by incorporating our tools into your fundraising.