Popular articles What did Karan Mehra do to Nisha Rawal?

What did Karan Mehra do to Nisha Rawal?

What did Karan Mehra do to Nisha Rawal?

Karan said that while he was speaking to his mother on the phone, Nisha barged in and started abusing him and his family. “She even spat on me twice and kept saying she will play dirty now. I told her to leave the room and while I was washing my hands, she smashed her head on the wall, and told everyone that I did it.

Did Nisha Rawal lost her baby?

In this press conference, Nisha went on to share details of her relationship and also revealed that she was abused when she was expecting her first child in 2014. We had lost our child, 2014. In 2014 September, I was 5 months pregnant and I lost my child.

What is the name of Karan Mehra baby?

Kavish Mehra
Karan Mehra/Children

Are Karan Mehra and Nisha getting divorced?

As Nisha Rawal and Karan fight an ugly divorce battle, Nisha has come up to say that contrary to Karan’s claims, she has demanded zero alimony from him. While the case is still in court, in a recent interview Nisha stated that she doesn’t want anything from Karan, apart from the sole custody of their son Kavish.

Why did Karan Mehra leave Yrkkh?

He represented other shows because of his popular image as Naitik in the soap ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ but he quit the show due to health issues and was replaced by Vishal Singh. He is currently seen in Colors TV’s popular reality TV show.

What is the age of Nisha Rawal?

36 years (November 18, 1984)
Nisha Rawal/Age

Where is Karan Mehra now?

Who is the father of Rohan Mehra?

Ravinder Mehra
Rohan Mehra/Fathers

Who is Karan Mehra girlfriend?

Nisha Rawal
One of the highest-paid actors in Hindi television industry, he was also a contestant on Bigg Boss 10 (2016–2017)….

Karan Mehra
Known for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Spouse(s) Nisha Rawal ​ ​ ( m. 2012; div. 2021)​
Children 1

What does Nisha Rawal do?

Nisha Rawal/Professions

Is Karan Mehra Punjabi?

Karan Mehra who made a memorable and long TV stint with the show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ is back on TV. Though Karan is a Punjabi with roots in Jalandhar, he says he has never spoken the language but still found it came easy to him once he started speaking it for the shooting of the show.