Blog What does a block up converter do?

What does a block up converter do?

What does a block up converter do?

A block upconverter (BUC) is used in the transmission (uplink) of satellite signals. It converts a band of frequencies from a lower frequency to a higher frequency. Modern BUCs convert from the L band to Ku band, C band and Ka band. BUCs used in remote locations are often 2 or 4 W in the Ku band and 5 W in the C band.

What is LNB and Buc?

January 10, 2019 blog. A BUC (Block Up converter) is used in a satellite communications UP LINK A LNB (Low Noise Block Converter) is used in a satellite communications DOWN LINK. BUC (Block Up converter) It converts the radio signals from a lower frequency to higher to transmit to the satellite.

How does an up converter work?

An up-down converter and mixer is a device that is intended to convert an analog signal between a lower frequency and a higher frequency. When converting to a higher frequency, the device is said to up-convert, and when it converts a high frequency to a lower one it is said to down-convert.

What is the correct BUC LO frequency?

BUC technical specification (example)

BUC Input frequency range 950 – 1450 MHz
Output connector WR75 waveguide
Frequency sense, local oscillator freq. Non-inverting. LO=13.050 GHz
Linear gain Min: 50 dB, max 60 dB
Gain variation 1.5 dB p-to-p over 54 MHz, 4 dB p-to-p over 500 MHz 4 dB over operating temperature range

What is the common up converter and down converter if?

Basically, mixer part for frequency upward conversion is called UP CONVERTER. When input signal combines LO signal, RF signal is generated as much as input signal with LO signal. – Down converter is a part to convert RF signal down to IF or baseband. Bascally, mixer part for frequency downward is called down converter.

What is LO frequency in Ku band?

Some different Ku band LO’s are 10 GHz, 10.75 GHz and 11.3 GHz. Some C-band LO’s are 5150 MHz. C-Band LNB with an N-Type connector and an LO of 5150 MHz.

What is an RF upconverter?

RF upconverters are designed to convert microwave signals to a higher frequency range. By contrast, RF downconverters are designed to convert microwave signals to. an intermediate frequency (IF). RF upconverters and RF downconverters that can upconvert or downconvert the frequency of a signal are also available.