Popular articles What does a Cisco Catalyst 3560 do?

What does a Cisco Catalyst 3560 do?

What does a Cisco Catalyst 3560 do?

The Cisco Catalyst 3560 provides a means to intelligently scale the network beyond 100 Mbps over existing Category 5 copper cabling and simultaneously support PoE for maximum productivity and investment protection. These new demands are contending for resources with many existing mission-critical applications.

Is Cisco 3560 a PoE?

The Catalyst 3560-8PC and the Catalyst 3560-12PC-S compact switches provide the same Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity and can be deployed outside the traditional wiring closet environment, such as in office workspaces and classrooms.

How do I reset my Cisco Catalyst 3560?

First you need to power down the switch. Once the switch is powered off, hold down the mode button, and power the switch on. The switch will boot up and you should see the switch prompt as shown below. flashfs[0]: flashfs fsck took 11 seconds.

What is the command to reset a Cisco switch?

To reset the switch to factory default, issue the erase startup-config or write erase command. This command does not clear the boot variables, such as config-register and boot system settings. You can alter the boot system parameters with the boot command.

How do I access a network switch?

Open a web browser. Type the IP address (such as the default 192.168. 1.1 or the one set according to your needs) of your switch. Press “Enter” and the login dialog will pop up.

How do I connect to a console port?

Step 1 Locate the console port on the back of the Router/Switch. Step 2 Connect the console (or rollover) cable to the console port on the Router/Switch. Step 3 Use the correct adapter to connect the other end of the cable to your terminal or PC.

Which port do you connect a console cable to on the PC?

serial port
You must use the serial port on the computer to connect to the router’s console. Most desktop PCs have a nine-pin serial port, but laptops don’t always have this port. Plug the RJ-45 rollover cable connector into a DB-9 (female) Terminal adapter and then plug the adapter into the computer’s serial port.

Where to find software version on Cisco Catalyst 3560?

The software version is on the Cisco IOS label on the switch rear panel. For translations of the warnings that appear in this publication, see the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Catalyst 3560 Switch guide. 1. Unpack and remove the switch and the accessory kit from the shipping box. 2.

What happens when the catalyst 3560 switch is power on?

When the switch powers on, it begins the power-on self-test (POST), and the LEDs blink. Wait for the switch to complete POST, which can take several minutes. Verify that POST has completed by confirming that the SYST LED is green. If the switch fails POST, the SYST LED turns amber.

How to enable Telnet on catalyst 3560 switch?

• In the Telnet Access field, click Enable if you are going to use Telnet to manage the switch by using the command-line interface (CLI). If you enable Telnet access, you must enter a Telnet password. • In the Telnet Password field, enter a password.