Blog What does a RTW coordinator do?

What does a RTW coordinator do?

What does a RTW coordinator do?

The RTW coordinator is responsible for implementing an organisation’s return to work program, supporting workers as they recover at work and assisting employers to meet their obligations as required under workers compensation legislation.

How does an RTW work?

A Return to Work program is a process for allowing injured, ill, or disabled workers to return to their job duties as soon as they are able, as defined by their physician. The goal of a RTW program is to eventually bring the worker back to their full position after they have recovered.

What is RTW program?

A return-to-work program allows workers who are unable to perform their usual job duties to work in a limited or temporary light-duty capacity. In some cases, this can even involve arrangements where employees volunteer with a non-profit organization rather than work for their employer.

What is RTW payroll?

So-called right-to-work (RTW) legislation goes one step further and entitles employees to the benefits of a union contract—including the right to have the union take up their grievance if their employer abuses them—without paying any of the cost.

What are 2 responsibilities of the worker who is on a return to work program?

Workers are obliged to: notify their employer as soon as possible after a work-related injury occurs. participate and cooperate in establishing an injury management plan. carry out the actions such a plan requires of them.

Can I go back to work on light duties?

If light duty jobs are available, you can allow the employee to work until they’re able to return to their original job specification.

How long can employees be on light duty?

How Long Does Light Duty Last? Light duty is a temporary work assignment and as such is limited. The number of days of light duty is decided by the department. Temporary work does not normally extend beyond 90 days.

Why is RTW so important?

An RTW program can help injured workers retain valuable skills. Better Morale. Your workers may feel more secure about their jobs if they know you’ll facilitate their return to the workplace after an injury.

How do I create a return to work program?

8 keys to developing a successful return to work program

  1. Support from company leadership.
  2. Have a written policy and process.
  3. Establish a return to work culture.
  4. Train your team members.
  5. Establish a RTW coordinator.
  6. Create detailed job descriptions.
  7. Create modified duty options.
  8. Establish evaluation metrics.