Other What does a shift improver kit do?

What does a shift improver kit do?

What does a shift improver kit do?

We’ve all heard of adding a “shift kit” to an automatic transmission, but what is it, and what exactly does it do inside your transmission? In a nutshell, the upgrade simply alters the flow of fluid through the valve body, creating firmer shifts and improved efficiency.

What does a 4l60e shift kit do?

Adding a shift kit to your 4l60e equipped car, truck, or SUV will help correct and improve the lazy shifting that the 4l60e is somewhat known for in factory form. Properly installed shift kits will make all shifts more firm and quick without making it feel like you got hit by a train.

How do I know if my TH350 has a shift kit?

Most shift kits used black or various colored spacer plates. The factory only used plain steel without any coloring. So, if you have anything except plain steel color, you have a shift kit. If plain steel, you PROBABLY have a factory plate.

Do shift kits shift hard?

Why do they make the transmission shift harder? Shift kits simply eliminate many of the restrictive oil flow problems in the transmission’s valve body. The results are firmer shifts and reduced slippage and shift overlap.

What is a Stage 3 shift kit?

stage 3 is full manual it wont change up or down by itself you have to drive it like a manual.

Can you put a shift kit on an automatic?

The easiest and least expensive way to improve the shifts of your automatic transmission is to install the Shift Improver Kit. If you want additional manual control of the transmission, you would choose the B&M Transpak. If your transmission needs an overhaul, the Transkit is your best choice.

Is Hard shifting bad for a transmission?

Automatic transmissions that shift hard, jerk or shake during a shift change may mean your transmission fluid needs changed or fluid level is low. In manual transmission vehicles, abnormal gear shifts could indicate damaged gear synchros, worn clutches or other, more severe issues.

How does a shift kit feel?

It’s this overly smooth, disconnected feeling that earned early automatic transmissions the label “slush box.” While the extended shift overlap creates a very smooth shift, it also reduces the efficiency and durability of the transmission by making the friction surfaces work overtime.

Why does my shift kit shift so hard?

Worn fluid can lead to hard shifts Transmission fluid that has aged and lost some of its frictional properties can also lead to poor shift quality. Over time, the fluid’s frictional properties can degrade, leading to hard, jerky or inconsistent shifts. In this case, it’s time for a fluid change.

How to install a shift kit on a C6?

TCI instructions include a template, which shows you where to drill, using the 1/8-inch bit included in the kit. Using your C6’s old separator plate, compare it with the illustration in your TCI instructions One of these holes lines up with the hole already in your separator plate. Mark the existing hole.

What happens when you install a C6 transmission modification kit?

There’s more to the C6 Trans- Scat kit than just performance. It is all about giving your C6 longevity because c6 transmission rebuild kit gets rid of destructive slippage. A firm upshift means no slippage, better performance, and longer transmission life. So what happens when you install a shift modification kit?

What kind of spring do I need for C6 transmission?

This can be confusing because the intermediate servo accumulator valve is fitted with one spring early in production and two later on. This 1975 C6 valve body has one spring, which adds to the confusion. Replace this spring with the natural-metal spring from the kit.

When did the C6 valve body come out?

The C6 valve body as it appeared in the mid 1970s, with external detent. In this chapter, Tom’s Transmissions shows how to knock this valve body apart, clean it, and install the Trans- Scat valve body kit from TCI Automotive, for firm upshifts, good street performance, and longevity.