Common questions What does Debil mean?

What does Debil mean?

What does Debil mean?

masculine and feminine noun. es un débil mental (archaic) he’s a bit mentally deficient.

What does Debil in Russian mean?

дебил • (debil) m. moron, imbecile.

What is the opposite of Debil?

What is the opposite of debile?

strong brawny
manful manly
meaty obdurate
puissant redoubtable
shredded stalwart

What does davai mean?

Davai (давай) literally means “give” in Russian. However, the word is used in many expressions with different meanings, the most popular of which is “come on.” In this article, we look at ten different ways to use давай.

What is the opposite of Perezoso?

According to the thesaurus, the opposite of “perezoso” is “trabajador.”

What does the word debil mean in Spanish?

weak thing, frailty. algo débil adjective. . something weak, delicate. lado débil noun. . weak side, weakness. luz débil. .

What does it mean to write an essay in Spanish?

Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). My homework is to write an essay each week.Mi tarea es escribir una redacción cada semana. (m) means that a noun is masculine.

Which is the weakest vowel in the word debil?

’Campana’ has two unstressed syllables. Las vocales débiles son “u” e “i”. The weak vowels are ’u’ and ’i’. En el reino animal los débiles sucumben primero. In the animal kingdom, the weak succumb first. Es un débil con sus hijos. He’s weak with his children.