Blog What does hurtigruten mean in Norwegian?

What does hurtigruten mean in Norwegian?

What does hurtigruten mean in Norwegian?

Express Route
Hurtigruten ( lit. ‘Express Route’), formally Kystruten Bergen-Kirkenes (“coastal route Bergen-Kirkenes”), is a Norwegian public coastal route transporting passengers that travel locally, regionally and between the ports of call, and also cargo between ports north of Tromsø.

Who owns hurtigruten?

It operates Hurtigruten, the coastal ferry service along the Norwegian coast from which it takes its name. In 2020, 81% of the company was owned by TDR Capital. The CEO is Daniel Skjeldam….Hurtigruten AS.

Type Limited
Subsidiaries Hurtigruten Svalbard
Website Hurtigruten AS (in English)

How many people are on Hurtigruten cruises?

Hurtigruten Cruise Ships The fleet consists of 12 ships, varying in size (300- to 1000-guests) and age (1964-2007). Each comfortable Hurtigruten ship has its own individual design and decor, but they provide the same intimate and welcoming travel experience.

How many ships are in the Hurtigruten fleet?

fourteen ships
The Hurtigruten fleet consists of fourteen ships with eleven operating on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage route at any one time. This opens in a new window. Take a tour of the refurbished MS Polarlys.

What is a polar outside cabin?

Hurtigruten’s Polar Outside cabins have either a porthole or window; some cabins have limited view. The polar outside cabins can be located on the upper, middle or lower deck. The term unspecified cabin category means that one cannot pre-book a specific cabin type or number, nor the deck where the cabin is located.

Can cruise ships visit Norway?

Cruise ships depart for Norway from many different ports in Europe, making it easy and convenient to get here with minimum hassle and maximum comfort. Of course, you can also choose to fly directly to Norway and start your cruise here.

Is the Hurtigruten cruise worth it?

It’s a fabulous trip and so much better than these enormous ships which are spoiling so many ports and towns by disgorging thousands of passengers for a few hours. Hurtigruten provides a service for small communities and utilises it ships to carry passengers who do keep this service going. Enjoy.

What is included on a Hurtigruten cruise?

Full board is included and with PLATINUM you can choose our a la carte dining experience whenever you want. Our drinks package is included with dinner. Two exclusive shore excursions are also included on our 11- and 12-day voyages. One excursion is included for 6- and 7-day voyages.

What is the smallest Hurtigruten ship?

MS Lofoten
Hurtigruten – What you need to know! The smallest ship, MS Lofoten (final voyages in 2021), has a capacity of 151 beds (licensed to carry 400 passengers) to the largest ship, MS Midnatsol which has a capacity of 632 beds (licensed to carry 970 passengers).

What time does hurtigruten leave Bergen?

Cabins The times for checking out of cabins are according to the ship’s timetable and may vary from day to day. Cabins for departure from Bergen are available from 18:00 hrs. The normal check out time is 12:00 mid-day. In specific ports there will be announced other times in accordance with arrival/departure times.

Can you bring alcohol on Hurtigruten?

Can I bring booze onboard a Hurtigruten cruise? Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Only alcohol purchased onboard may be consumed on Hurtigruten ships. Alcohol purchased on land must be given to the crew who will store it and return it to passengers on the last day of the sailing.