Helpful tips What does Krogstad say about Nora?

What does Krogstad say about Nora?

What does Krogstad say about Nora?

Krogstad then requests that Nora use her influence on his behalf. Krogstad says that as a bank manager, Torvald, “like all married men . . . can be swayed,” and Nora accuses Krogstad of insulting her husband. Nora assures Krogstad that she will repay all her loans by the new year and asks him to leave her alone.

How is Nora similar to Krogstad?

Like Nora, Krogstad is a person who has been wronged by society, and both Nora and Krogstad have committed the same crime: forgery of signatures. Linde abandoned him for a man with money so she could provide for her family makes it possible for us to understand Krogstad as a victim of circumstances.

Does Krogstad help Nora?

Krogstad has shown himself to be a thoroughly dishonest individual over a number of years. He’s committed a number of fraudulent acts, including helping Nora to forge her late father’s signature on a loan application.

What does Mr Krogstad want from Nora?

Krogstad just wants to regain his standing in the community. He tells Nora, “I want to rehabilitate myself” (2.83). Ever since he got caught in a forgery scheme back in the day, everybody thinks he’s a nasty, terrible person. Sure, he did commit a crime, but it was pretty small.

Why did Nora borrow money from Krogstad?

Nora borrowed the money because according to the doctor torvald needed to be in a different place because he was going to die and she wanted to save torvalds life. She borrowed the money from Krogstad. Nora needed a man’s signature in order to borrow the money so she forged her dad’s signature who was dead.

How old is Krogstad?

Krogstad (Male age 30-50)—One of Torvald’s employees at the bank.

Does Torvald love Nora?

Throughout the play Torvald constantly views his wife as something to be admired. Torvald looks at Nora and admires her, he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t know her well enough to love her because he can’t get past the fantasy image. Nora is only a trophy in the eyes of her husband and nothing more.

Why was Krogstad fired?

Krogstad has a meeting with Torvald, where he’s told he’ll most likely be fired. He blackmails Nora to get her to talk to Torvald on his behalf. Krogstad gets fired anyway. So he shows up for another blackmailing session.

How old is Torvald Helmer?

Torvald (Male age 30-45)—Nora’s husband.

What does Nora do after Krogstad leaves a doll’s house?

After Krogstad has left, Nora begins tidying up the room and talks to herself about how she can please and entertain Torvald in order to assuage her guilt over lying to him. At this point in the play, Nora is still completely beholden to Torvald, and making everything look and seem nice is the most important thing she can think to do.

What’s the difference between Nora and Nil Krogstad?

The only thing that differed Krogstad from Nora was that Nil testified the miracle of miracles in his life with Christina; while Nora no longer believed in it. Ibsen, Henrik. “A Doll’s House”. Dover Thrift Editions. Dover Publications, 1992.

How did Dr Rank describe Krogstad in a doll’s house?

Dr. Rank describes Krogstad to Nora in this way before Krogstad’s first appearance, setting up perceptions that he is twisted and evil. While Krogstad initially does try to blackmail Nora, he has a more complicated backstory and eventually relents.

Why did Krogstad forge Nora’s father’s signature?

Krogstad explains to Nora that forging her father’s signature to obtain a loan was illegal. He then makes clear the difference between Nora and himself: While his social position was destroyed by his forgery, hers is still intact.