Other What does Sekke mean in Japanese?

What does Sekke mean in Japanese?

What does Sekke mean in Japanese?

house, home, family, professional, expert, performer.

What does Wakamatsu mean in Japanese?

young, if, perhaps, possibly, low number, immature.

What is the meaning of are Japanese?

When you want to talk about things you do not know the name of, you can use such expressions as kore, sore, are, and dore. Kore refers to something close to the speaker; sore refers to something close to the person you’re talking to; are refers to an object that is neither close to the speaker or the listener.

What means Toto in Japanese?

From Japanese 魚 (toto) meaning “fish” or from Japanese 時 (to) meaning “time”, 兎 (to) meaning “rabbit”, 都 (to) meaning “capital (city)” or 翔 (to) meaning “soar, fly” combined with 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation, 時 (to) meaning “time” or 々, a phonetic character indicting a duplication of the beginning …

Who is Seke?

Seke was the first son of Nyashanu, and he and his brothers Marange, Chiweshe, Hwata, Gwenzi and Musimuvi were famously known as the Hera Brothers.

What Sikes mean?

small stream
1 dialectal, chiefly British : a small stream especially : one that dries up in summer.

Is Toto a male or female name?

His name is pronounced with a long “O”, a homophone of “toe toe”. He was originally a small terrier drawn by W. W. Denslow for the first edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)….Toto (Oz)

Species Dog
Gender Male
Occupation Dog

Is Toto a Japanese name?

The name “Toto” is an abbreviation of the two Japanese words forming its full name, Tōyō Tōki (東洋陶器, Oriental Ceramics).

Which province is Seke?

Mashonaland East
Seke District is a district of the Province Mashonaland East in Zimbabwe….

Seke District
Second-level administrative subdivision
Country Zimbabwe
Province Mashonaland East
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)

What does Seme mean in a fanfic?

To start out with Seme and Uke are generally referring to the position of sex had in a yaoi (male-on-male) manga, or anime. Seme meaning the one who is on top, and Uke being the one on the bottom. Seme and Uke can also be referred to personalities (in a male-on-male relationship).