Common questions What does the mean of CVO?

What does the mean of CVO?

What does the mean of CVO?

C.V.O. in American English abbreviation. Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

What is CVO officer?

Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) and the Vigilance Unit in the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation are responsible for prevention, detection and punishment of corruption and other malpractices in the Ministry/Department and its attached and subordinate offices.

What does CWO stand for in business?

Cash with order (CWO) A payment term whereby the buyer remits the money at the time the order is placed. Under this term, the buyer is actually extending credit to the seller.

What does CVO stand for in marketing?

A chief visionary officer or chief vision officer (CVO) is an executive function in a company like CEO or COO. The title is sometimes used to formalize a high-level advisory position and other times used to define a higher ranking position than that held by the CEO.

What is the role of CVO?

The CVO acts as link between the Organization and CVC. Responsibilities of CVO are to maintain probity, integrity and efficiency in the Organization. CVO acts as watchful eye to curb corruption, misconduct, negligence, waste & wrongful loss to the Organization.

What does CVO mean in credentialing?

Credentials Verification Organization Certification NCQA Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) Certification helps improve verification operations and protect consumers by ensuring a consistent, effective and diligent verification process.

Who appoints CVO bank?

5. Selection of the candidates for appointment to the post of CVO, SBI shall be made by the Government in consultation with CVC and, if applicable, DoPT, on the recommendations of the Selection Committee and on the basis of their record of service.

What does COD mean in business?

Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery (COD) is when a recipient pays for a good or service at the time of delivery. A COD transaction can take several different forms and each can affect a company’s accounting. Sellers receive faster payment for sales as long as the goods are accepted by the buyer.

What does E&OE stand for in business?

Quick Reference. Abbreviation for errors and omissions excepted. In the past, this was frequently printed on invoice forms to protect the sender from the consequences of any clerical or accounting errors in the preparation of the invoice. From: E & OE in A Dictionary of Finance and Banking »

What does CVO stand for in sales?


Acronym Definition
CVO Close Volume Option
CVO Commercial Vehicle Operation
CVO Cisco Virtual Office (network solution)
CVO Cotisation Volontaire Obligatoire (French: Voluntary Contribution Required)