Popular articles What does the word unmarked mean?

What does the word unmarked mean?

What does the word unmarked mean?

: not marked: such as. a : not having an identifying mark or distinctive notation “I want five thousand dollars in unmarked singles.”— Ed McBain …

What is another word for unmarked?

What is another word for unmarked?

clear immaculate
untouched unbroken
unspoiled unsullied
unspoilt unharmed
unimpaired unmarred

What does it mean to unmask something?

transitive verb. 1 : to reveal the true nature of : expose. 2 : to remove a mask from. intransitive verb.

What does text unmarked mean?

adj. 1 not carrying a mark or marks. 2 not noticed or observed.

What is unmarked money?

Noun. small, unmarked bills pl (plural only) (set phrase) Paper currency which consists of small-denomination banknotes that have not been inscribed with hidden markings which would help authorities identify and trace them.

What are unmarked nouns?

Nouns like sheep simply have a plural form that is identical in shape to their singular form. These are often referred to as unmarked plurals. Almost all “uncountable” nouns have a plural sense indicating types (e.g., Belgium produces many fine beers.) There are few nouns that are singular only.

What is the antonyms of unmarked?

overlooked, unmarked, unnoted. Antonyms: masked, marked, starred, well-marked, scarred, barred, noticed, asterisked.

Is marked by synonym?

Marked by is a phrase of the word marked….What is another word for marked by?

of characterized by
with distinguished by
typified by

What is a uncover?

transitive verb. 1 : to make known : bring to light : disclose, reveal uncover the truth. 2 : to expose to view by removing some covering.

What is another word for unmasking?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unmask, like: reveal, show, bring-to-light, mask, bare, uncover, expose, disclose, uncloak, unshroud and unveil.

What is an unmarked noun?

characterized by the absence of a distinctive phonological feature, as (p), which, in contrast to (b), lacks the distinctive feature of voicing. characterized by the absence of a grammatical marker, as the singular in English in contrast to the plural, which is typically marked by an -s ending.

Can cash be tracked?

Currency bill tracking sites can track currency among the users of that website. A user may register a bill by entering its serial number, and if someone else has already registered the bill, then the “route” of the bill can be displayed. This usually depends on the laws of the country issuing the currency.

How to read and identify UN packaging markings?

Understanding UN markings may seem complicated at first, but this breakdown of each element of UN markings describes how to easily read and identify the code. Take a look at this guide, which is an essential component of hazardous materials packaging. Simplified examples of UN packaging markings in this image are for educational purposes only.

What is the meaning of the word unmask?

English Language Learners Definition of unmask : to reveal the true identity or nature of (someone or something) See the full definition for unmask in the English Language Learners Dictionary

How to unmark an email and move it to your inbox?

To do so: 1 Select the “More” label, located on the right of your email. It should reveal the “Spam” label. 2 Select the “Spam” label 3 Select the message, 4 Select the Not Spam button that appears at the top of your view. 5 Unmarking a message as spam will automatically move it to your inbox. 6 To find the message, select the “Inbox” label.

What does unmasking mean in the intelligence community?

“Unmasking” is a term used by the intelligence community that means revealing the identity of someone on a monitored communication.