Helpful tips What does Wagyl KAIP mean?

What does Wagyl KAIP mean?

What does Wagyl KAIP mean?

Wagyl Kaip and Southern Noongar region refers to the Noongar dialectals groups, Ganeang, Goreng and Minang from the Great Southern area.

What in Noongar culture is the Wagyl?

The Wagyl (also written Waugal and Waagal and variants) is the Noongar manifestation of the Rainbow Serpent in Australian Aboriginal mythology, from the culture based around the south-west of Western Australia.

What is the difference between Whadjuk and Noongar?

Whadjuk, alternatively Witjari, are a Noongar (Aboriginal Australian) people of the Western Australian region of the Perth bioregion of the Swan Coastal Plain.

When did the Wagyl come about?

1790-1821. The first impressions of the Wagyl Kaip landscape and of Noongar people were recorded by Phillip Parker King when he visited in 1821 and spent time with local Noongar.

Why is Mokare famous?

Mokare (c. 1800 – 26 June 1831) was a Noongar Aboriginal man from the south-west corner of Australia, who was pivotal in aiding European exploration of the area.

What is the Noongar word for snake?

the Spirit snake
For Noongar, the Spirit snake/the Creator of the Noongar universe and the giver of Noongar lore gives Noongar people foundation to the meaning of life. There are many spellings of the name for the Spirit Snake. His name has been spelt Waakal, Waakle, Woggal, Wogal and Waagle.

What does Noongar Boodja mean?

Overall there are many common words in Noongar, for example: kaya = hello, moort = family, boodja = country and yongka = kangaroo. These words are used everyday but they sound slightly different from region to region.

How do you say hello in Whadjuk?

How did the Stirling Ranges form?

Less than 30 km to the north of the Porongorup Range lie the Stirling Ranges which were formed as Australia broke away from Antarctica. The sediments that became the rocks of the Stirling Range were deposited in a shallow sea at the time of a marine incursion over a granite depression about 1.1 billion years ago.

When did Mokare live?

Mokare (c. 1800-1831), Aboriginal guide, also known as Mawcarrie, Markew or Makkare, was a Nyungar man of the Minang people, whose territory centred on King George Sound on the south-western coast of Western Australia.