Popular articles What happened to the 2004 USA Olympic basketball team?

What happened to the 2004 USA Olympic basketball team?

What happened to the 2004 USA Olympic basketball team?

The team lost its opening game to Puerto Rico by 19 points, which stands as the largest margin of defeat for the U.S. in the Olympics. It ended their 24-game Olympic winning streak since 1992, when National Basketball Association (NBA) players were first allowed to compete.

Who beat USA basketball in 2004?

Puerto Rico
In 2004, Argentina won its first basketball medal ever in the Olympics and made it gold after bettering the U.S. 89-81 in the semifinals, then defeating Italy 84-69 in the gold medal game….Games of the XXVIIIth Olympiad — 2004.

Puerto Rico Argentina
92 89
73 81

Who was on the 2004 Argentina basketball team?

Per Game

Player G 2PA
Manu Ginobili 8 6.0
Luis Scola 8 10.8
Andres Nocioni 8 4.8
Fabricio Oberto 7 6.9

Where was the US mens basketball team in 2004?

The 2004 United States men’s Olympic basketball team competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Who was the US mens Olympic basketball coach in 2004?

The lineup for the 2004 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team that competed 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece was as follows: The team was coached by Larry Brown, who had led the miracle Detroit Pistons to the NBA title only a couple months prior to the games.

Who was the host nation for the 2004 Olympics?

In Olympic basketball tournaments, 12 teams take part. The host nation ( Greece in 2004) automatically receives a berth in the tournament. By winning the two World Championship tournaments in 2002, FR Yugoslavia, now named Serbia and Montenegro, also put a team into the men’s tournament and the United States a team in the women’s tournament.

When did the US mens basketball team play in the Olympics?

The following is the United States roster in the men’s basketball tournament of the 2004 Summer Olympics. United States men’s national basketball team – 2004 Summer Olympics roster.