Blog What if I sent the wrong resume?

What if I sent the wrong resume?

What if I sent the wrong resume?

“It’s important to take responsibility for the mistake, but don’t go into too much detail about what was wrong with the original document you submitted,” Warner says. “A simple explanation that the resume you originally submitted was not the most relevant version to the position will suffice.”

Should I reapply for a job that rejected me?

There are a few instances when it’s not worth your time to reapply for a position: You were eliminated during the interview process. If you previously interviewed for the role, were rejected, and the job requirements have not changed since the position was reposted, there’s no point in applying again.

Can you apply to the same job?

You should wait until you see the job advertised again. When you re-apply, mention it in your cover letter, and re-iterate your enthusiasm for both the role and the company. Take advantage of the opportunity to apply for the same job twice. Examine your first interaction with the employer.

Is it bad to keep applying to the same company?

“If you’re looking at opportunities within one company, and you’re qualified for more than one position but it’s all going to the same hiring manager, applying for more than one could be detrimental to your chances.”

Should I tell my boss I turned down a job offer?

There is absolutely no benefit to telling your employer that you are looking for another job and that you turned down an offer. You have nothing to fall back on if they fire you on the spot, and some petty employers will.

Is it bad to accept a job offer and keep looking?

If your job isn’t everything you hoped it would be, you can always start looking for something new. You can take a job and keep your job search going. Keep your job search going even after you’ve accepted an offer if you don’t believe the company you’re about to join is stable.