Popular articles What is 1GE SFP?

What is 1GE SFP?

What is 1GE SFP?

Providing maximum flexibility, the modules accelerate applications such as Ethernet WAN access, inter-VLAN routing, and high-speed connectivity to LAN switches and servers….Quick Spec.

Product Number NIM-1GE-CU-SFP
Supported Devices Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Router
Form Factor Network Interface Module (NIM)

What is a Ehwic?

Acronym. Definition. EHWIC. Enhanced High-Speed WAN (Wide Area Network) Interface Card (Cisco)

What is NIM 2T?

NIM-2T Overview The Cisco Gigabit Ethernet High-Speed WAN Interface Card (HWIC) brings Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to Cisco Integrated Services Routers routers to accelerate applications such as Metro Ethernet access, inter-VLAN routing, and high-speed connectivity to LAN switches.

What routing protocol uses cost as its metric?

Each routing protocol uses its own metric. For example, RIP uses hop counts as a metric, while OSPF uses cost.

What is a Cisco 4400?

Cisco® 4400 Series Integrated Services Router Network Interface Modules (ISR NIMs) provide highly reliable synchronous serial WAN connections for remote sites. With support for serial speeds up to 8 Mbps per port, the 2- and 4-port serial NIMs are ideal for low- and medium-density WAN aggregation (Figure 2).

How do I know my WAN type?

If you use a non-DSL modem, such as cable, wireless, or satellite, to connect to your Internet service provider, your WAN type is probably Dynamic IP Address. You may be able to determine your WAN type by inspecting the IP properties on your computer.

What is the best WAN connection type?

Circuit-switched connections
Circuit-switched connections are currently the most popular type of WAN connection. Circuit switching transmits data streams and datagrams across dedicated physical circuits. To provide asynchronous dial-in and ISDN services, the telephone companies use circuit switching.

What do I need to know about Cisco 1ge-cu-SFP?

This document provides information that you should know before and during the installation of the Cisco 1GE-CU-SFP and 2GE-CU-SFP Network Interface Modules (NIMs) in the Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers. This document contains the following sections:

Can a Cisco 1ge-cu-SFP support RJ45 1000m force mode?

The Cisco 1GE-CU-SFP and 2GE-CU-SFP NIMs does not support Rj45 1000M force mode. This section describes how to configure the Cisco 1GE-CU-SFP and 2GE-CU-SFP NIMs and includes information about verifying the configuration.

Is the Cisco 1ge-cu-SFP compatible with ARPA?

By default, the interfaces on the Cisco 1GE-CU-SFP and 2GE-CU-SFP NIMs support Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) encapsulation. They do not support configuration of service access point or SNAP encapsulation for transmission of frames.

What are the features of the SFP port?

The SFP port supports digital optical monitoring (DOM) as specified by the industry-standard SFF-8472 multisource agreement (MSA). This feature enables the end user to monitor real-time parameters of the SFP, such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage.