Blog What is a clevis assembly?

What is a clevis assembly?

What is a clevis assembly?

Clevis Assemblies or Tie Rod assemblies are threaded rod configurations that utilize both right and left hand threads to allow for easy adjustment and tensioning. Tie Rod assemblies are often used on canopies, pipe supports, and other structural steel cross bracing applications.

What is clevis rod end?

A clevis rod end is a folded or machined piece formed into a clevis and fitted with a hole at its base to which a rod is attached. In machined pieces, the hole is most often threaded.

What material are clevis pins made of?

carbon steel
Standard Clevis Pins are made from low carbon steel and stocked plain finish. Additional plating finishes are offered as required. Stainless Steel Clevis Pins are also stocked in various sizes, with other sizes available upon request.

What are clevis bolts used for?

Clevis fasteners are often used in automobiles, aircraft, boats and construction equipment for the purpose of connecting control components.

What’s the difference between a shackle and clevis?

Shackles and clevises are U-shaped mechanical couplers closed by a pin or bolt. Shackles are primarily used in construction, rigging and lifting. A clevis is used in less demanding applications such as farming and towing.

What is Clevish?

The definition of a clevis is a U-shaped fastening device with two holes at the end for a pin or bolt to pass through. An example of clevis is what is used to attach a trailer hitch to a vehicle.

What is the difference between a shackle and a clevis?

Are clevis pins hardened?

Yes–clevis pins are typically hardened.

What grade are clevis pins?

Straight pins and larger headed pins (1-1/4″ diameter and up) are machined from ASTM A108 Grade 1117 bar stock. Other available materials for machined pins include 1045, 4140, A36, A572/A588, A193 Grade B7, A668 and various stainless grades.

What is the difference between a clevis and a shackle?