Popular articles What is a motard Marines?

What is a motard Marines?

What is a motard Marines?

Filters. (US, slang), in United States Marine Corps, one who expresses his or her motivation for the Marine Corps to the point of obnoxiousness. noun.

Where does the term Motard come from?

The French word “motard” is a masculine noun referring to a person who rides a motorcycle. In most varieties of French, the word is identical to the English word “motorcyclist,” although it also refers to someone who is a bit of an enthusiast.

Are Marines a real branch?

The Marines Operate as a Part of the Department of the Navy The Marine Corps is the only branch that is independent but serves as part of another branch. Originally, the branch was founded as the Continental Marines in 1775, as a separate entity from the Navy.

What is difference between Supermoto and motard?

is that supermoto is (sports|uncountable) a hybrid of motocross and road racing while motard is short for supermotard or motard can be (us|slang), in united states marine corps, one who expresses his or her motivation for the marine corps to the point of obnoxiousness.

What is Supermoto racing?

A mixture of street-style racing and motocross, in Supermoto racers compete on a track that combines dirt and pavement and includes jumps and sliding through turns. Tracks can range from football stadiums to closed-course streets to parking lots and more.

Is Obnoxiousness a word?

Meaning of obnoxiousness in English the quality of being very unpleasant or rude: They defended her against charges of obnoxiousness.

What is motard style?

Supermoto is a riding style that combines elements of both street and dirt, and the bikes are light, nimble machines that can take jumps, ride trails, and corner at insane lean angles. If you’ve been riding street forever and it’s gotten a little old to you, supermoto is wild enough that it might be the perfect cure!

Who is a Motard in the Marine Corps?

They also like to call cadence while they walk around when not marching a platoon. A motard is usually some private or private first class who hasn’t even been deployed. Marine 1: “It is 0500 on a monday morning, it is raining, it is fucking freezing, and we have been standing in formation for 45min.

What is the meaning of the term Motard?

Motard A alteration of the USMC term Moto. 1) A term used in the U.S. Marine Corps to describe a person that is excessively “motivated” about being in the USMC (military.) He does not think for himself and thinks that whatever the USMC says is ALWAYS right. a cross between moron and retard A person who is emotionally retarded.

What do you call someone in the USMC?

A alteration of the USMC term Moto. This word is used to describe some overbearing marine who extremely loud and obnoxious all the time. He is so motivated even in the shittiest situations that everyone wants to kick him in the teeth.