Helpful tips What is a performance profile wheel?

What is a performance profile wheel?

What is a performance profile wheel?

‘A method I used to collect data on mental factors was the Performance Profiling Wheel (PPW). ‘ ‘The PPW is a wheel arranged into 8 different sections with a mental sub-factor written on the outside of each section.

What is a performance profile used for?

The answer is Performance Profiling, a valuable tool to analyse your strengths and weaknesses; assess your current level of performance in relation to your targets; and to help you with planning and setting goals, to maximise your time and effort in training.

What is a performance profile and what is it used for?

Performance profiling helps to identify important psychological skills needed for performance and to help maximize the motivation of athletes to implement and adhere to a psychological skills training program.

Why is a performance profile good?

THE BENEFITS OF PERFORMANCE PROFILING. Helps athletes identify the qualities that are associated with successful performances in their chosen sport. Helps athletes identify their strengths and weaknesses. Helps athletes set action points, which identify which goals will be achieved.

What is the performance profile cycle?

Performance Profiling is a 4-stage process, which involves identifying the qualities required to be successful in your sport: Stage 1: Ranking and defining the most important qualities. Stage 2: Plotting your own performance profile. Stage 3: Generating action points.

What are the weaknesses of performance profiling?


  • If completed after performance, can be difficult to remember accurately.
  • Answers need to be answered honestly for data to be correct meaning the performer can be bias.
  • Produces objective data so it is facts that cannot be argued with.

Which is the best performance profile wheel template?

Making your own blog is the most straightforward approach to set up a nearness on the Internet and making a Blank Performance Profile Wheel Template is much simpler.

What are the advantages of performance profiling in sports?

The Advantages of Performance Profiling There are many advantages of performance profiling, in addition to supporting the goal setting process. Performance profiling enhances communication and discussion between performers and their trainers/coaches, allowing them to build stronger relationships.

Why do you need a Dan CER wheel?

The idea of a good dan cer varies from one to towards different goals. Therefore, the performance dancer. This is also a method to keeps us accountable on never- ending goal of being the “perfect dancer”. enhance their performance. The wheel can also be useful for the dancer to achieve/improve their abilities.

Which is an example of a performance profiling tool?

For instance, we can break performance down into five areas: and performance-life balance. These could then each be broken down further: for example, physical capabilities can be broken down into strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, balance etc.