Blog What is a Pericentromeric region?

What is a Pericentromeric region?

What is a Pericentromeric region?

Adjective. pericentromeric (comparative more pericentromeric, superlative most pericentromeric) (genetics) Situated near, or on each side of, the centromere of a chromosome.

What do you mean by centromere?

A centromere is a constricted region of a chromosome that separates it into a short arm (p) and a long arm (q). During cell division, the chromosomes first replicate so that each daughter cell receives a complete set of chromosomes.

What is centromeric DNA?

The centromere is the specialized DNA sequence of a chromosome that links a pair of sister chromatids (a dyad). During mitosis, spindle fibers attach to the centromere via the kinetochore. Centromeres were first thought to be genetic loci that direct the behavior of chromosomes.

What is Pericentromeric heterochromatin?

Pericentromeric DNA represents a large fraction of the mammalian genome that is usually assembled into heterochromatin. While most DNA transactions are facilitated within euchromatin, which embodies permissive structures, heterochromatin designates specialized structures in which such trans- actions are inhibited.

What are Subtelomeric regions?

Subtelomeres are segments of DNA between telomeric caps and chromatin. Subtelomeres are considered to be the most distal (farthest from the centromere) region of unique DNA on a chromosome, and they are unusually dynamic and variable mosaics of multichromosomal blocks of sequence.

What is Pericentric inversion?

Definition: A pericentric inversion occurs when a portion of one chromosome , or a packet of genetic information, is flipped so that the order of genetic information changes. Each chromosome has a portion near the middle called a centromere . Pericentric inversions include a chromosome’s centromere.

What is the best definition of centromere?

The centromere is the constricted point at which the two chromatids forming the chromosome are joined together. A small, nonstaining structure, usually near the center of a chromosome to which the spindle fiber attaches during mitosis.

Are kinetochores and centromeres the same?

A centromere is a region of constricted DNA, present in the form of centric heterochromatin which is flanked by pericentric heterochromatin. The main difference between centromere and kinetochore is that the centromere is a DNA region whereas kinetochore is an assembling protein complex in the centromere.

What is a telomeres function?

Their job is to stop the ends of chromosomes from fraying or sticking to each other, much like the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces. Telomeres also play an important role in making sure our DNA gets copied properly when cells divide.