Blog What is a resume paper?

What is a resume paper?

What is a resume paper?

Resume paper is designed specifically to print a hard copy of your resume on. Typically, it’s heavier stock than standard printer paper, and features a more refined color. We actually bought and compared resume paper.

What paper is best for resumes?

Cotton is the classic option because it presents as crisp and formal. The percentage of cotton in the paper makes a difference in the feel, durability and texture of the paper. The higher the percentage, the better quality and more noticeable your resume paper. Parchment.

Is it OK to print a resume on regular paper?

It is perfectly acceptable to print your resume on a regular white piece of paper from home with your printer. Make sure that the paper you use is a regular, white piece of paper with no perforations or too similar to computer paper, used in the late 1980’s.

Can you hand write a resume?

The hand-written resume has many disadvantages as it doesn’t help candidates stand out from the crowd. As such, what employers are looking for cannot be demonstrated through a resume you have written by hand, not just because it shows no interest in the job but also in terms of the skills you possess.