Blog What is an RTS receiver?

What is an RTS receiver?

What is an RTS receiver?

The RTS Receiver for SDN allows RTS communication along Somfy’s Digital Network. Using this device, window treatments can be operated locally by hand-held transmitters. 1. Connect the RTS Receiver to the power port of the bus power supply.

What does RTS stand for Somfy?

Radio Technology Somfy®
RTS stands for Radio Technology Somfy® and is Somfy’s exclusive control platform enabling users to adjust motorized interior window coverings and motorized exterior products such as awnings, rolling shutters, pergolas and screens from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home.

What is a RTS transmitter?

The RS485 RTS transmitter is a motor controller which allows to manage all your Somfy RTS applications with the same centralized home control system. It can control up to 16 groups of SOMFY RTS motors and receivers. It is impossible to set a motor or a receiver with this RS485 RTS transmitter.

How do you program a somfy awning remote?

Press and hold ‘my’ and up button together until the awning moves in and then release. Use ‘my’ button to keep the awning at the preferred inner limit position. Press and hold ‘my’ until the awning jogs. Lastly, you will find a program button on the back of the remote, press and hold it until the awning jogs.

How do you reset the limit on a Somfy motor?

Press and hold the MY button until the motor jogs. Check the new limit. To change the lower limit, run the motor to its lower limit and let it stop. Press the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously until the motor jogs.

How do I get rid of Somfy remote?

To delete, press and hold the programming button on the remote or channel you wish to delete until the window covering jogs. That’s it! You’ve successfully deleted a control or channel!

What is somfy Sdn?

The Somfy Digital Network is the latest generation of bus-line controlled Tubular Motors and controls. The network is RS485, half-duplex, bi-directional. The SDN consists of the following components: ILT2 & ST-30 RS485 Motors. SDN Switches (3 and 6-button)