Popular articles What is Batman Slapping Robin from?

What is Batman Slapping Robin from?

What is Batman Slapping Robin from?

But why did Batman slap Robin and where did this panel come from in the first place? The image is ripped from the pages of World’s Finest Comics #153, released in 1965. The story is one of DC’s “Imaginary Novels,” basically a “What If?…” story that finds Batman and Superman as mortal enemies.

Why did Batman slap Robin in comic?

In the alternative reality of World’s Finest Comics #153 (1965), Batman slapped Robin because the Boy Wonder opposed his revenge plan to kill Superman together with Lex Luthor and because he expressed his doubts that Superman indeed killed his father. Luckily enough, this narrative was never considered canon.

What did Batman do to Robin?

First, he created Robins, made them undergo arduous training. Then, he chose to part ways with them once they became older. Batman replaced Robin frequently and even sidelined them from time to time. He calls Jason Todd a failure and brushed aside Dick Grayson due to an injury from fighting Gorilla Hardy.

Is Catwoman criminal?

Catwoman appears again as a criminal in Batman #84 (June 1954) and Detective Comics #211 (September 1954), which were her two final appearances until 1966. This was mostly due to her possible violation of the developing Comics Code Authority’s rules for portrayal of female characters that started in 1954.

Which Robin did Batman hate the most?

But Jason Todd, hands down, remains the Robin that fans have hated the longest. Didn’t fans call-in to vote for Jason’s death? And died he did, with a crowbar from The Joker! Jason’s cockiness and haughty attitude made him hard to like, although he was a fan-favorite at the beginning being introduced in Batman #357.

Are there any memes about Batman slapping Robin?

There are many, many Batman memes. There’s the bombastic phrase “I’m the goddamn Batman,” the sobering “ Some men just want to watch the world burn ,” and the silly photos of Ben Affleck looking sad.

How did Batman and Robin get their name?

The long-running 1941 series began life as a vehicle for reprints of Batman and Superman comics, with a name inspired by a promotional comic given out at the 1940 Queens World Fair — giving it the “world” in “World’s Finest Comics.”

Who was nastiest to Robin in Batman comics?

Luckily, Robin is now the model to resolve conflict. Of course, this must take place in the All-Star Batman universe. It’s the one where Bruce was the nastiest to Robin. Having a young adolescent eat rats to toughen him up?

Is it possible for Robin to give Batman a sick burn?

However, that doesn’t mean that he can try and give Batman a sick burn. The only person that can do that is Alfred. The old guy has raised Bruce since he was a child and was there for him when his parents died. If anyone has the right to talk to Batman like that, it isn’t Robin. We hope you like your Slap-Sandwich, Boy Blunder.