Popular articles What is Besuchen in English?

What is Besuchen in English?

What is Besuchen in English?


From To Via
• besuchen → visit ↔ bezoeken
• besuchen → visit ↔ rendre visite
• besuchen → tourvisitcall ↔ visite (Sens général).
• besuchen → visitattendcall onsee ↔ visiter

What is another word for defined as?

delineate, represent, decide, explain, describe, prescribe, detail, spell out, characterize, exemplify, specify, determine, construe, designate, interpret, illustrate, set, mark, limit, distinguish.

What is the antonym for define?

define. Antonyms: confound, confuse, obscure, mystify, misstate, misconceive, misconstrue, misdefine. Synonyms: mark out, limit, designate, specify, eliminate, elucidate, explain, fix, settle, determine, bound.

Is Besuchen past tense?

You will find the participle gesehen ==> The past participle is ferngesehen. For besuchen, look up suchen. You will find suchen is not on the list ==> it must be a weak verb ==> By the above rules, the past participle is besucht.

What does besichtigen mean in German and English?

„Gemietet wie besichtigt‟ bedeutet, dass man offensichtliche Mängel später nicht mehr reklamieren kann. “Rented as seen” means that you can’t complain about obvious problems later. The Queen will inspect the regiment. survey [verb] to make a formal or official inspection of (a house etc that is being offered for sale).

Where can I go to see the besichtigen?

You may also visit the Ethnographic complex in the village of Asparuhovo. Sie können Teile des Gebäudes selbständig und kostenfrei besichtigen. You can visit parts of the building on your own and free of charge. Komm heute unser neues Haus besichtigen. Arno, come to see our new house today.

How to add besichtigen to your own vocabulary?

To add entries to your own vocabulary, become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member. It’s easy and only takes a few seconds: Sie können den ethnografischen Komplex – Dorf Asparuhovo besichtigen.