Common questions What is Etrack?

What is Etrack?

What is Etrack?

E Track is a cargo control system that is designed to make tying down your load easier! It is mainly used in partially filled spaces to prevent cargo from shifting during transit. E Track uses a system of mounted steel rails with small slots in them.

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal e track?

Vertical E-Track has slots that run parallel with the track, whereas horizontal E-Track has slots that run perpendicular. Horizontal E Track gives you more tie down points per foot, however vertical E Track mounted on the wall lets you attach items perpendicular to the floor of the trailer.

Can you pull sideways on e track?

Should pull be the direction that trac runs or can pull be up to 90 degrees. Expert Reply: In order to achieve the full capacity of the ratchet straps and the track, the direction of the pull should be parallel to the direction that the e track is running.

Why is it called L track?

L Track, which is also referred to as airline track, first gained popularity in the airline industry. The low-profile design of the L-track was used to secure the seats in the aircraft to the floor. The design of the L track allowed the seats to be rearranged quickly which resulted in its growing popularity.

Is Etrack safe?

Installing E Track Your cargo is only as secure as the weakest part of your tie down assembly. Because of this, it’s best to screw E-Track into the wall studs and floors studs of your van or trailer. Take the time to install E-track correctly and it will remain a quick and secure way to secure cargo for years to come.

How thick is E track?

12 gauge Zinc plated track steel e-track is about one eighth of an inch thick. 12 gauge Zinc plated track steel is exactly 0.1084 inches thick. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel.

What is L track used for?

Logistic Track, or “L-track” is a rail system most commonly used for tying down cargo like motorcycles, ATVs and other bulky items. It’s also known as “airline track” because a variant is used to fasten passenger seats on planes.

Can you cut E-track?

Expert Reply: The Erickson Horizontal E-Track # E19148 can be cut to length for your application. We suggest using a metal saw or cutting wheel and grinder to cut the tracks to the needed length.

Who makes E-track?

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